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Dad Uses Photoshop To Turn His Son Into Real-Life Spider-Man

Dad Uses Photoshop To Turn His Son Into Real-Life Spider-Man

The adorable snaps have gone viral and have even caught the attention of Sony

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A dad made his young son's dreams come true by turning him into Spider-Man with the help of a costume and some pretty decent Photoshop skills.

Little Eli is a bit of a Spider-Man super fan. He particularly likes Into the Spider-Verse and Miles Morales, the teen who takes over the Spider-Man mantle from Peter Parker. Eli regularly tells his dad Jeremy he wishes he could be the web-slinging hero.


And, after getting a costume, Jeremy came up with an idea to help his son achieve his goal.

He told LADbible: "He is constantly saying he wishes he could be Miles and shoot webs and he asked me if there was a Spider-Man suit that could let him climb walls.

"I told him we could get a costume and pretend, so we got on Amazon and he was adamant that it had to be the Miles costume.

"Once he got the outfit, I was going around holding him against walls and on the ceiling and he said he wished he could stick to the ceiling without me.

Before dad Jeremy flexed his Photoshop skills.

"That's when I got the idea to take some pics and Photoshop myself out."

After taking the original snaps, Jeremy - who insists he's 'not even remotely an expert' on Photoshop - spent around 20 to 30 minutes editing himself out of the pictures to make it look like little Eli was climbing up the walls and ceilings unassisted.

As you can imagine, Eli was delighted with the pictures.

"He LOVED them," Jeremy said. "Saying it made his day would be an understatement.

"He could not get over how much it looked like he was really Spider-Man and immediately had me send it to all family members, friends, and teachers. He literally hasn't taken off the costume since the pics."

And it's not just Eli who is impressed with Jeremy's handiwork - the images have gone viral on social media and have even picked up a retweet from the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics as well as a reply from Sony.

Jeremy said: "My Twitter app has crashed repeatedly, and I've tried to respond to as many people as possible but just can't keep up.


"I never expected this response, so it really caught me off guard. I think it was just the right moment because people needed to see something light and fun while fighting for real systemic change in the face of all the police brutality and in the midst of a pandemic."

Meanwhile, Eli is enjoying his newfound fame - Jeremy added: "He is loving every second of it! I told him that thousands and thousands of people think he is really Spider-Man (a lot of the comments have playfully said that) and every time I tell him, he has a smile from ear to ear."

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