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Family Create Their Own Restaurant So They Can 'Eat Out' During Lockdown

Family Create Their Own Restaurant So They Can 'Eat Out' During Lockdown

The restaurant opens every Saturday night in a different guise

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

When the Government announced that all pubs, bars and restaurants would be closing, it was a sad day for everyone. But one family in Scotland have come up with a creative way of 'eating out' while staying in.

Gary and Liz Paterson from Perth were worried about how the lockdown would affect their graphic design and print agency - and they could tell their kids Violet, 9, and Arthur, 6, were picking up on this.

In a bid to cheer them up, the parents said they would take them 'out' for dinner if they did well in their first week of home schooling. And so, 'The Teeny Tiny Restaurant' was born in a playhouse in the garden that 'needed a little work'.

Every Saturday night the restaurant opens with a different theme, with Gary and Liz using their design and printing expertise and facilities to quickly rustle up the restaurant's signage; last Saturday it was 'McPaterson's', which took its inspiration from a certain fast food chain.

But while The Teeny Tiny Restaurant probably wouldn't be that popular a choice of diner in normal times - given that the customers have to cook their own food and do the washing up afterwards - it is proving a huge hit in these compromised times.

The Paterson's unfortunately have to cook their own meals at the restaurant.

Speaking to LADbible, Gary said: "The kids genuinely absolutely love it. The morning of the McPaterson's they came running through to the bedroom singing 'McPaterson's, McPaterson's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut'.

"They are involved in every aspect of it. Suggesting different nights, creating the decorations, getting dressed up and helping cook the food etc."

Indeed, Gary reckons they might run out of lockdown before they have time to reopen the restaurant with all the different themes they have planned, including a Willy Wonka's Chocolate night, a Greek night, an Ocean Beach Club Apre's Ski night, a Chinese night and a Celebrity night.

But that's not a problem, because due to popular demand, the quarantine creation will be staying open once this is all over.

There's a reason why they called it The Teeny Tiny Restaurant.

Gary said: "Without question we will be opening the restaurant on Saturdays after the lockdown. This all started as a bit of fun but we would all miss The Teeny Tiny Restaurant if it closed now.

"We have also been asked if we have any tables available, so you never know, we might open it up for bookings in the future."

You can follow the progress of The Teeny Tiny Restaurant on its Facebook page.

Let's all bring some positivity, support and fun to anyone who might find themselves in isolation as a result of the coronavirus spread. Need some entertainment? Join Isolation Nation:

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