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Man Completes Six-Year Mission To Park In All 211 Spaces At Local Sainsbury's

Jake Massey

| Last updated 

Man Completes Six-Year Mission To Park In All 211 Spaces At Local Sainsbury's

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

Sure, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, but did he ever park in every space at the Sainsbury's car park in Bromley? That's the sort of question you can expect Gareth Wild to be asking proudly and rhetorically down his local beer garden.

The 39-year-old embarked on his extremely niche mission to park in all 211 bays at the supermarket six years ago, and this week, at long last, he completed his conquest.

In order to ensure he tackled this unusual and frankly unnecessary challenge as efficiently as possible, the father-of-two used a satellite image to create a grid of the car park, ticking off each completed bay in a spreadsheet.

According to Gareth's calculations, he could have theoretically accomplished the bold feat within four years, given that he visits the supermarket at least 60 times a year. But alas, this flipping pandemic slowed things right down; and to think we've all been feeling sorry for ourselves missing football matches and festivals.

Having completed his magnum opus, Gareth - who is clearly wild by name and nature - went to the effort of grading the spaces for prospective Bromley Sainsbury's car park visitors.

Asked by LADbible if there was ever a point in the six-year challenge where he thought, 'What the f*** am I doing?', the production director at Explosive Alan Productions said: "Every single day, mate. It's just an attempt at making the mundane more entertaining, like a really s*** Panini sticker collection."

Gareth now feels both empty and satisfied, having passed the huge s*** that was this challenge.

He reflected: "I've got to admit I feel pretty empty now that it's completed, it's been a real thrill ride, how are you supposed to replace those levels of adrenaline?

"It was definitely satisfying to put this chapter of my life to bed, it's funny that it's been so well received on social media, I think it taps into something quite British. We love a challenge even if that challenge is spreadsheet-based.

"Radio Felixstowe interviewed me about it which could be the most Alan Partridge thing to ever happen in my life."

A Sainsbury's spokesperson told LADbible: "Gareth has shown some serious car-mmitment!"

Topics: Viral, Daily Ladness, Funny, sainsbury's, Community

Jake Massey
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