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Grieving Parents Meet The Little Boy Who Was Saved By Their Dead Son's Organs

Grieving Parents Meet The Little Boy Who Was Saved By Their Dead Son's Organs

The family now want the laws to change to let donor families meet those they've saved

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A little boy who was saved thanks to a young organ donor has met his family for the first time.

Brooke and Ibrahim Urasli's three-year-old son Zane was hit by a car in October last year and rushed into hospital. After 10 days in intensive care they made the heartbreaking decision to switch off his life support.

The parents, from Sydney, Australia, decided to donate little Zane's organs - which resulted in five other children being saved.

Among them was six-year-old Mason, who received a set of lungs from Zane. Mason's mum, Tatiana Johnson, said getting the news a donor had been found was 'bittersweet' - knowing the lungs would save her son, but understanding that to get them, another family was going through the worst.

Brooke and Ibrahim Urasli lost their little boy Zane and made the decision to donate his organs.

Speaking to 60 Minutes, she said: "I literally fell apart in a sobbing mess...knowing what someone else was going through.

In Australia, the recipients of donor organs aren't allowed to find out who donated them. However, Tatiana was on social media one day when she found a news article about Zane's death and his family's decision to donate his organs.

Ignoring the rules, she decided to get in touch with the family anyway and thank them for saving her son.

Tatiana was 'in two minds' about reaching out, in case she 'added more pain', but Brooke says was 'over the moon' to get the message.

"I was so emotional reading her note, understanding the difference we have made to that family," she said.

"It makes me happy, really happy that she gets to grow up with her siblings. There are really no words for that."

Tatiana Johnson reached out to the family.

Speaking to the news outlet, Brooke said: "I know it's just a body part but it's something that I grew inside of me for nine months and a part of Zane and to see where it went, I think that's important.

The two families became friendly online and eventually met up in real-life - resulting in the heart-warming clip of Mason hugging Brooke.

Zane's mum and dad are now campaigning for laws in Australia to be changed so that willing organ donors and their families and recipients can meet up.

Dad Ibrahim added: "He put smiles on five other families faces. Knowing that five other families are happy makes us happy."

Source: Nine/60 Minutes

Featured Image Credit: Nine

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