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Guy Plans To Propose With Message In 'Spider-Man' Game But Gets Dumped

Guy Plans To Propose With Message In 'Spider-Man' Game But Gets Dumped

Tyler Schultz tweeted Insomniac Games to ask developers if they could help with his proposal and, amazingly, they agreed

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

So we fear this Spider-Man fan may have been a little too adventurous (if there is such a thing) because he may have jinxed his entire proposal and completely tempted fate.

Back in May 2018, Tyler Schultz sent a tweet to Insomniac Games, the studio behind Marvel's Spider-Man game, with a request for them to help him propose to his girlfriend in the video game. Who ever said romance is dead, eh?

The gaming company got back to him first of all doing the absolute obvious and checking that his partner doesn't see his Twitter. I mean, why would she? It's only 2018 and pretty much every person walking the planet has social media.

In their next response they asked whether Tyler could wait until September 7 for the game to be released in which he replied: "We've just past our five years in April so I think she'll still be around in September".

It's like everything was going to end in disaster at the close of that very sentence.

Well, you guessed it, the inevitable happened because Tyler revealed that his girlfriend broke up with him a few weeks before the game was actually released.

And the plot thickens - in a video uploaded to Tyler's YouTube channel, he explains that Madison dumped him "to go with [his] brother." Ouch.

Brutal, absolutely brutal. But at least he had the new Spider-Man game to take his mind off things. Every cloud and all that. And boy can you tell - the LAD's knackered.

Complete with his Spider-Man t-shirt, he explains to his followers: "My girlfriend dumped me to go with my brother. Basically throwing away the five years that we had together and spitting in my face saying this wasn't even the way she wanted to be proposed to and just left me."

Does she not realise that thought, imagination and a shit ton of luck was put into Tyler's gesture?!

He added: "So, this might go down in history as the 'saddest Easter egg'. Regardless I'm actually kind of happy that it's in this game."

The die-hard fan explained that he thought it was 'cool' to have a piece of the game in there for him alone. He's got a point to be fair.

YouTube/Tyler Schultz

Now, the old romantic is telling people to use the proposal and tag him in it because he just wanted to see 'someone get married'.

If anyone else takes on his offer, hopefully it doesn't go the same way.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Tyler Schultz/Insomniac Games

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