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​US Police Officer Called To Remove A Homeless Man From A Restaurant Buys Him Food Instead

​US Police Officer Called To Remove A Homeless Man From A Restaurant Buys Him Food Instead

A touching video of a police officer buying food for a local homeless man after being called to remove him from a restaurant has gone viral



If bad news travels fast then this little clip of kindness must be flying at rocket speed. A Facebook post from South Carolina showing one man's good deed went viral over the weekend and it's no surprise why.

The 20-second video clip shows Horry County Police Officer CJ Mullinax at the counter of a popular fast-food joint buying a well-deserved hot meal for a local homeless man, after an pissed off customer called 911 to complain about him asking for scraps of food.

It's got to be said that the restaurant itself didn't have a problem with the homeless guy eating there - and had in fact been providing him with food for days - but you know what they say, 'the customer is always right' (even when they aren't).

Police of course responded to the phone call, but instead of cuffing the poor bloke and escorting him off, Officer Mullinax took out his wallet and offered to buy him a decent scran.

One employee, Victoria Paige Summer, was so taken aback with the gesture that she decided to shoot a quick video to spread the good vibes. Summer said she was "thrilled that the officer had so much compassion" and "thought he handled the situation amazingly".

It turns out that the homeless guy in the video is actually a local veteran called Donald. He served in the US Army from 1978-1981, and afterwards worked in construction.

Victoria Paige Summer

But after a series of unfortunate events, Donald came into hard times, which ultimately led to his homelessness. One local resident said that "Donald is a humble guy who can take a tear and turn it into a smile" and has encouraged the rest of the community to chat to him every once in a while.

Since the video was posted it's been viewed more than 1,000 times and comments full of kudos to Mullinax have been pouring in from the public ever since.

One Facebook user said: "It's so good to hear this kind of story coming out of the USA. An officer demonstrating the meaning of 'human kindness'".

It seems people just bloody love to see a bit of human compassion in the world.

Words: Megan Walsh

Featured Image Credit: Victoria Paige Summer

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