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Former Delta Force Operator Shares Bizarre UFO Encounter

Claire Reid

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Former Delta Force Operator Shares Bizarre UFO Encounter

A former Delta Force Operator has shared his unusual UFO encounter while working out in the desert at a nuclear facility.

Dr. Dale Comstock, who spent 10 years in the Delta Force, spoke on Tommy's PodCast, where he opened up about his extra-terrestrial encounter.

After admitting that he hadn't actually been inside Area 51 but had been 'all around it', he claimed there 'is some weird stuff going on out there'.


He added: "I saw something one night that was really bizarre.

"And I just had no explanation for it - there is none.

"So, I was in a military vehicle in the desert and it was a flat desert, except there was one, like, butte in front of us, just one in the whole damn desert.

"I remember they told us we had to wear these radiometers - so we had these things on and we were told to stay out of any area that has a fence around it, because that's where they load the nuke for testing.


"We're driving at night, night vision goggles, we somehow drove through into one of these pits.

"I don't know if the barbed wire was broken or what, but we stopped and all the dust settles and we're like, 'Oh s***, we're in one of these pits.'

Credit: YouTube/Tommy's PodCast
Credit: YouTube/Tommy's PodCast

"I'm sitting there and I look at the butte and on the back side of the butte I see this light, like super bright light, go up.


"It's going up and it's just kind of hovering. And I'm like, 'Holy s***, what is that?'

"It wasn't a helicopter because we were close enough we'd have heard it. It came up and was bubbling around.

"We actually drove, we drove around the backside to try and see what it was - the butte was the same all the way around, there was nothing there.

"It just popped up behind it and as we drove around it, it was gone.


"I can't even explain what that was.

"It was not a flying machine that any human being has made for sure, but it was a bright light."

He then added that UFOs are '100 percent out there'.

Weird stuff.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

Topics: UFO, Interesting, Weird

Claire Reid
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