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Guy Quits College To Become Full-Time Sugar Baby To Man 36 Years His Senior

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

Guy Quits College To Become Full-Time Sugar Baby To Man 36 Years His Senior

Have you ever been interested in a relationship with someone much older - say, almost three times your age? If you're sat there thinking 'hell no'... well, what if they offered to take care of you financially, lavish you with gifts and pay your rent? Would you think again?

Meet 20-year-old Xavior, who has done just that. In fact, he dropped out of college in order to become a full time sugar baby to a man who is 36 years older than him.

Xavior initially met his sugar daddy on dating app Grindr and now the two of them live together, with the 56-year-old having separated from his now-ex-wife.

Despite this, Xavior claims the couple still haven't had sex - yet.

Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink
Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink

Surprisingly, Xavior had previously thought that sugar daddies were a myth. Speaking to LADbible, he says: "I never thought that sugar daddies actually existed. Prior to meeting mine, I had a few scammers try messaging me on Instagram, Twitter, Grindr."

He quickly shook off any doubt in his mind and now he gets an allowance of $1,500 (£1,100) a month, as well as having his rent and bills covered. However, he admits he's becoming more 'high maintenance' as the relationship progresses.

Talking about how their relationship works, the self-confessed 'monster', who lives in South Texas, says: "On the [first] date we discussed things like my future, his past, what we were looking for, and he said he really liked my personality and would like more of my time.

"That's when the money conversation happened. He asked if I had anything I needed taken care of. He asked if I needed school paid for, help with a car payment, debt paid off. I said no because I had all of the above handled so I countered his offers by saying, 'How much are you willing to provide?'

"He asked me, 'How much do you want?' and I said $500. Then he said, 'How about $1,200?' He went on to say it wasn't his first rodeo and that's how much he's given other [sugar babies] in the past. I was like, 'Wow, I respect the honesty.'

"I think honesty was the biggest factor on why we work so well. I always told him exactly what it was, what I wasn't going to do and so on, and he liked that about me."

Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink
Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink

Soon enough, Xavior's allowance went from $1,200 to $1,500, which he describes as 'play money'.

The 20-year-old continues: "I'm not an expensive baby to keep.

"He takes care of my rent, my bills, any expense I may have.

"If he's around, I'm not paying for anything. It's nice, he takes care of me and allows me to live a life of leisure."

Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink
Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink

As for his decision to drop out of college, Xavior says he will focus on it 'later' but is having 'too much fun' at the moment, although his mum wasn't too pleased when she found out.

He recalls: "My family was extremely accepting when they found out I was a sugar baby, it didn't even faze them. They know how to mind their business.

"My mom is the only one that expressed her worry for me - she was pretty disappointed that I stopped going to school and didn't understand my decision.

"It wasn't until I showed her my bank account that she finally backed off and was like, 'Oh s***, okay.'"

Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink
Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink

The anonymous sugar daddy has now moved into Xavior's flat, which the sugar baby says has taken him from feeling like an escort to something more like a house husband.

Xavior says: "We decided to move in and focus on our relationship and life together.

"Him and his ex-wife sold their home so I invited him to live with me and he accepted my offer. I just didn't want him wasting money that he could be giving to me on another apartment.

"He makes my life easier so I don't mind having him around. We work well together, never argue. Well, he never argues with me."

Xavior admits the relationship has had an effect on him, saying: "Sometimes I raise my voice for stupid things, like him getting the wrong brand of orange juice, but I promise you he made me this way.

"I find myself become more high maintenance and I'm like, 'Oh no, he's creating a monster.'"

Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink
Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink

Despite them now living together, he's adamant that they haven't had sex, but thinks they might do it for the first time on his sugar daddy's birthday.

"Our arrangement was centred more around an emotional connection," he explains, adding: "I didn't want to give it up easily and him leave me.

"He got frustrated in the beginning because I wouldn't even allow him to touch my hand or hug me so I started to loosen up.

"We are very intimate now but still have not had sex. The time will come - it's not something I'm claiming will never happen. He's just a respectful man and waiting isn't that big of a deal to him. I do think I'm going to let him hit it for his birthday.

"I already have it all planned out - after all, what else could I get a man that could buy himself anything?"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/forbiddentwink

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Rebecca Shepherd
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