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Model Makes $60,000 A Month Sharing Photos Of Herself Smoking Weed On Instagram

Model Makes $60,000 A Month Sharing Photos Of Herself Smoking Weed On Instagram

The 29-year-old has an army of fans who love her posts

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

An Instagram model from the US says she makes $60,000 (£47,372) a month by sharing posts of herself smoking weed while wearing skimpy outfits online.

Twenty-nine-year-old Sewkey, who lives in Los Angeles, had previously worked as a waitress and also had a low-paying job in an office before she launched her Instagram account and began posting photos of herself enjoying cannabis, which is legal for recreational use in California.

Sewkey set up the page to 'reinvent' herself after hitting a low point in her life and has since gained an impressive following of loyal fans.

She said: "I was suffering from depression for some time after going through some traumatic experiences and I was honestly confused as to where I was headed in life.

"I decided to turn to social media to kind of just let go and free my mind from the trauma and stress and it was kind of like a way to reinvent myself, like pressing the reset button or backspace button. So I made this calculated and determined decision to become an IG model.

"It was an extremely good way to keep me focused on setting goals. A way to keep my mind from wandering, and was a big help to my mental state. It forced me out of depression and into grind mode because I felt like I had purpose and I built this passion for my IG presence and it has become super important to me!"

Jam Press

The beautiful model has almost 230,000 followers on Instagram and lives in a swish penthouse apartment in LA while driving about in 2020 BMW X6.

Sewkey dreams of one day having her own cannabis brand or business and is currently a brand ambassador for Raw Rolling Papers.

She says she smokes up to 20 joints a day and has even created her 'own strain', adding: "The reason I incorporated cannabis into my brand is because I love to smoke, I'm a true stoner.

Jam Press

"Being that I have a fan-base now, I felt that making the footprint in the cannabis world is a main goal for me."

And her fan-base can be a generous bunch, with Sewkey saying she is regularly given gifts - one admirer even splashed out on a $24,000 (£18,949) handbag for her.

She added: "My life is amazing now and I am so thankful and lucky to have built a brand that has become so successful. My dreams have come true to be honest! Success via social media has really changed my life. I get to chill, smoke, and be myself; goofy sexy and cute."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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