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OnlyFans Model Opens Up About Weirdest Request She's Ever Received

OnlyFans Model Opens Up About Weirdest Request She's Ever Received

She's made some serious money on the platform, but some requests are best rejected

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

An OnlyFans model has opened up about the weirdest request she's ever received on the platform. Watch here:

Actor and model Dare Taylor, who lives in Los Angeles, has amassed huge followings across a variety of channels; whether she's trying on outfits on her YouTube channel Dare Wears or gaming on Twitch, it has always proven to be popular.

But it was once she joined content subscription service OnlyFans that her earnings skyrocketed, with the 21-year-old making between $20,000 (£14,123) and $60,000 (£42,369) a month from the site.

Creators have the opportunity to bring in even more wonga by making bespoke content at the behest of their subscribers... Sometimes though, you've gotta say no.

"When I lived in Florida, I had someone - this is the weirdest thing I will never forget - I had a guy who was interested in a bathroom fetish where he would purchase a hotel room," Dare tells LADbible.

Dare has had her fair share of weird requests.

"And he wrote this huge email out about like, how he wants it done, and all you do is you come in, you use the bathroom - whichever way you want - and then you would leave and he would have the bathroom to himself. Like, you would never see this guy.

"But he was willing to pay like $2,000 (£1,411) for this."

Two grand for an anonymous dump, sounds like a good deal to me.

And it transpired that he'd shared the same 'elaborate' proposal with other models.

Dare says: "He's reached out to a few of models that I know - that he was interested in that sort of fetish, and the weird, elaborate plan behind it all that you would check-in and then you would just use the bathroom.

"And if you wanted to stay the night you could, and then the next morning you would have to be gone at like 6am or whatever so he could have the room afterwards. It's pretty weird to me."

You and me both, Dare.

Dare decided it was best to turn down the two grand.

But while she may be daring by name, she made the sensible decision to reject the request, on the grounds that it seemed dodgy as f***.

Dare reflects: "That one always really freaked me out because he could have a hotel room key, like what's stopping him from sneaking in or filming you?

"I was instantly like, 'Ooh, this is not my thing'. But to me, it was more of like the danger aspect that was really shocking - and the fact that he was interested in bathroom stuff was pretty shocking."

Dare is making huge money on OnlyFans.

Let this be a lesson to all of us then - if a stranger offers you loads of money to use a specific toilet, don't take it. There could be strings attached to that toilet. Creepy, dangerous strings.

In all seriousness though, be safe online folks. You can find tips for staying secure online here, and security measures you can use on OnlyFans here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@daretaylorofficial

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