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Research Suggests 20-30 Percent Of Men Suffer From Premature Ejaculation

Stewart Perrie

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Research Suggests 20-30 Percent Of Men Suffer From Premature Ejaculation

Shooting your load too early is something that no one wants. While there's a time and a place for a quickie, you don't want to get excited for sex and then for everything to be over within a couple of seconds.


Interestingly, a lot more people suffer from premature ejaculation than you probably think.

Everyday Health says between 20 to 30 percent of blokes experience it at least once in their lives - which is a pretty sizable chunk.


Most guys probably wouldn't bring this up with their mates as there's a hell of a lot of stigma attached to not being a stallion in the bedroom. Premature ejaculation carries with it emotional distress - so it's important to be able to have a chat about it without name-calling.

There are both psychological and biological reasons behind why a guy might blow it early.


Anxiety over wanting to perform well in the sack can encourage ejaculation, as does worry over erectile disfunction. Having abnormal hormone levels, low serotonin, thyroid problems, damage to your nervous system or diabetes can also play a role in ejaculating quicker.

There are a few treatments that you can use to make your PE less frequent, including switching up the way you have sex (different thrusts etc), Kegel exercises, squeezing the penis before hitting the point of no return, masturbating before sex, and medications that increase serotonin.

It was thought that orgasming too quickly was a trait that had worked its way from the animal kingdom into human DNA.

Credit: Creative Commons
Credit: Creative Commons

There have been some male mammals observed in the wild busting a nut real quick. That has led biologists to question whether it was just an evolutionary thing that some men would have to increase their chances of passing on their seed.

NHS Choices says: "A study looking at 500 couples from five different countries found the average time taken to ejaculate during intercourse was around five-and-a-half minutes. However, it's up to each couple to decide if they're happy with the time taken - there's no definition of how long sex should last.

"Occasional episodes of premature ejaculation are common and aren't a cause for concern. However, if you're finding that around half of your attempts at sex result in premature ejaculation, it might help to get treatment."

It's important to chat about it with your partner so that it doesn't become a topic that's never addressed. Don't let it become the orgasm elephant in the room.

Featured Image Credit: American Pie/Universal

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Stewart Perrie
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