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Simple Test To Find Out If You're Sleep Deprived

Simple Test To Find Out If You're Sleep Deprived

It involves a watch, a spoon and a metal tray. Oh and a sleepy somebody

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Like many of us, you might be feeling exhausted at the moment especially as things start to go back to 'normal'. This means that, for many, getting up at 8:55 to start work at 9am is a thing of the past.

So while you're battling with your alarm, overindulging on coffee and opening windows in a bid to stay awake, it might be worth trying out a little sleep deprivation test.


If you're trying to figure out whether doing a test might be for you, here are some signs that you are sleep deprived (and not just a lazy pig):

  • Falling asleep quickly
  • Taking frequent naps
  • Dozing off without actually intending to
  • Sleeping for long hours during the weekend (catching up)

If you fit into any of these bullet points, or you've got a spare 10 minutes and you fancy giving it a whirl, all you'll need is a spoon, a metal tray and a watch.

You're going to need somewhere to 'sleep' as well so get yourself in bed or on the sofa and get comfortable.

First thing's first, the test must be carried out during the day but you can turn all the lights off and lie down at the edge of the bed (very important, otherwise you could be snoozing for hours).


For the test procedure, you're going to want to place the metal tray on the floor beside the edge you're sleeping on. Hold the spoon in your hand, make a note of the time and off you go.

Try and fall asleep but don't worry too much - as you nod off, your grip on the spoon will loosen and fall on to the metal tray. In turn this will wake you up. Well, it should.

Maybe put an alarm on just to be on the safe side.

As you wake up (thanks spoon) you need to check the time immediately and see how long it's been since you started to give sleeping a crack.

According to the BBC, if you fall asleep after 15 minutes you're all good.

But if you fall asleep in 10 minutes you're sleep deprived and need more zzz's than you're currently getting. If you enter snoozeville within five minutes then you're severely deprived of sleep.

If you can't reach the land of nod at night time and think this could be the reason for your deprived state then experts say you could try and masturbate before bed...

Just a suggestion.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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