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Woman Shares How To Unlock iPhone Using Face ID While Wearing Mask

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

 Woman Shares How To Unlock iPhone Using Face ID While Wearing Mask

A woman has shown how you can unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask.


It's one of those problems of this wretched modern time that if you mentioned in 2019 you'd have been met with incredulity and confusion.

'When am I ever going to need to know that', they'd say.


Well, here in 2021 - and 2020, come to think of it - it's a problem that many of us face on a daily basis, so here's how to do it.

The secret was shared on TikTok - the repository of all knowledge these days, it would seem - by a user called Sam, with the handle @wavyy.bvby.

In the video, which has been viewed coming up on eight million times, she states how if you head into the Face ID and password settings of your phone you can make a few tweaks that allow the phone to discern your face even if covered.

You simply need to tap the button that reads 'Set Up an Alternative Appearance'.

Credit: TikTok/@wavyy.bvby
Credit: TikTok/@wavyy.bvby

Then, you can head on over to a screen that will allow you to set up Face ID.

That screen reads: "First position your face in the camera frame. Then move your head in a circle to show all angles of your face."

You should do this first without wearing the mask, then put your mask on and it will helpfully remember that state as well.


In the video, the camera noticed that her face was obscured, and urged her to get rid of anything that could have been covering it, but eventually the idea got through.

It only seemed to take a moment or two to get the face mask version installed.

Then, all you've got to do is repeat the process for the second scan and bob's your uncle.

Since the video was shared, it has received 13,000 comments, mostly from people thanking her for this vital public service.


Hey, it might not seem vital to you, but to others it's a godsend.

Credit: TikTok/@wavyy.bvby
Credit: TikTok/@wavyy.bvby

One such person wrote: "Thanks for sharing. I work in healthcare and it's a pain typing in my passcode with a mask on."

See? It really is useful.


Another commented: "You must have seen me struggling sis thank you."

Not everyone has been so lucky though. Others have tried and failed to get the camera to recognise their face.

One said: "I tried this with my iPhone 12 and it keeps telling me that my face is obscured and to remove whatever is in front of my face."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

Topics: Interesting, Technology, Apple, iPhone, TikTok, Covid-19

Tom Wood
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