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Women Spot They Look Alike On Social Media And Turn Out To Be Twins

Women Spot They Look Alike On Social Media And Turn Out To Be Twins

The sisters felt an immediate bond and tests subsequently proved they were identical twins

Two women who were struck by how similar they look have now found out that they're actually identical twins. Watch them celebrate the news here:

Cheng Keke and Zhang Li, from the city of Zhengzhou in the Chinese province of Henan, came across each other in January when Cheng's younger sister spotted Zhang on social media site Douyin.

Their likeness was such that Cheng decided to reach out and the pair remained in touch, quickly forging a strong bond.

As well as looking like spitting images of one another, they soon established that they had similar hobbies and interests - and the same blood type too.

Their similarities quickly piled up.

They met up in person in March for the first time (though they would later learn this was not the first time after all) and their mounting pile of similarities grew further.

Cheng said: "We speak in exactly the same voice. When we are together, it is like looking in a mirror."

Cheng continually badgered her parents about her mysterious doppelganger until they eventually admitted that she was adopted.

Zhang's mum subsequently revealed that her family was unable to afford twins and she had no idea what had happened to her other daughter.

She added that it was clear they were twins, but Cheng's family were keen to carry out DNA tests, with doctors confirming once and for all that they are twins last Thursday (29 April).

The sisters were delighted with the result, which further cemented the bond they already had.

They have rapidly formed a powerful connection.

A similar story to this unfolded last year - except the women in this tale weren't actually related.

For Bianca Mihai, a singer from Buzau in Romania, and Palestinian-Syrian model Lana Al Beik, it was a lot easier to figure out they aren't twins, as they have a seven-year age gap.

However, their resemblance is so uncanny that their families struggled telling them apart.

Bianca said she first discovered her lookalike Lana, who lives in Dubai, through a friend who is a photographer.

Bianca said: "My parents showed the pictures to my grandmother who said, 'Wow, where did you take those images? Very beautiful Bianca, how stunning you are.'

"My dad said to her, 'No, it's not Bianca, it's another woman.'"

These gals are unrelated, from different countries and have a seven-year age gap, would ya believe.

Meanwhile, Lana said she first discovered her doppelganger after her mum saw a video of Bianca online and was convinced it was actually her daughter.

Lana said: "One day my mum was on Instagram when she asked me about a video. I said, 'Mum, I don't sing. That's not me there.'

"She said, 'Seriously, that isn't you?'"

After getting in touch on social media, the pair had a 'magical' meet up in the United Arab Emirates.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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