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Mum Hits Back At Criticism For Smoking Weed When She Has Kids

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Mum Hits Back At Criticism For Smoking Weed When She Has Kids

A mum has hit back after trolls told her she shouldn't be smoking weed while she has kids. It's clearly a question she's dealt with extensively, as the video below shows:


For starters, we're not encouraging smoking weed, especially when you have kids.

For better or worse, it's still a controlled substance here in the UK, although not in Canada, where Caitlin Fladager lives.


Therefore, as she rightly points out, she's not breaking any laws whatsoever when she smokes weed.

The Vancouver-based influencer often shares pictures of her lifestyle, as well as posts about motherhood, mental health and - you've guessed it - smoking cannabis.

Obviously, not everyone approves of her lifestyle.


In a recent video, she addressed the judgement that some people have passed down on her for having children and smoking pot.

The 27-year-old ranted to her 458,000 Instagram followers: "Anyone else tired of hearing this?!"

In text over the video, she had written: "When someone says 'you can't smoke w33d if you're a mom!'"


Simply put, the video shows the mother grinding what is presumably weed in a handheld grinder while the audio says: "Lalalala shh, living my life."

Caitlin has answered the question on TikTok before now. Credit: TikTok
Caitlin has answered the question on TikTok before now. Credit: TikTok

It's clear what she's trying to get at, and many have piped up - pun completely intended - in the comments to commend her for speaking up.

One person wrote: "Yassssss amen. Tired of this huge stigma even though... wine isn't frowned upon like weed is?! F that."


Another person said: "Yes especially when the same people judging are the ones getting wine drunk most nights lol."

There's a clear theme developing here, and perhaps they've got a point.

Shhhh. Credit: Instagram/Caitlin Fladager
Shhhh. Credit: Instagram/Caitlin Fladager

Alcohol is completely legal and many people say they drink a fair bit even though they've got kids.


Why not the same for another completely legal substance in her country?

A third person, getting right to the point, said: "Period as you should as long as your children are doing well and you as well then everything is OK."

You'd have to agree. Parenting is tough enough without being told what you can and cannot do.

Caitlin Fladager. Credit: TikTok/Caitlin Fladager
Caitlin Fladager. Credit: TikTok/Caitlin Fladager

Obviously there are some things you absolutely shouldn't do when you've got kids, but so long as you're within the law and your children and loved and cared for, why not get tore into some weed when they're in bed?

As another person put it: "Grind up their opinion and smoke it."

Yup, we all know what opinions are like, after all.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Caitlin Fladager

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