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Woman Who Had 40 Failed Dates Revealed One Of Them Shit Himself

Woman Who Had 40 Failed Dates Revealed One Of Them Shit Himself

The student who dubs herself 2019's answer to Bridget Jones has had a torrid time in the love department

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

You have to be careful where you tread when attempting to traverse the rocky terrain that is modern dating - one false move and it can all go to pot.

But as we reported recently reported recently, one woman has had the worst luck imaginable with her love life, going on 40 'atrocious' dates - one of which, it turns out, resulted in her potential suitor shitting himself.

Natalie Palmer from Wales - who dubs herself the real life Bridget Jones - says she joined Tinder and Plenty Of Fish last year after a break-up, but soon realised just how hard the dating game can be.

She told the Sun: "One guy turned up with a range of sex toys he wanted me to use.

"Another wrote such explicit ­messages I blocked him. But he just created a fake profile under a different name and started up the messages again."

And her next date, a 'sweet' Christian guy, wasn't the one either after he lost it with Natalie at a soup kitchen she volunteered at.

Natalie has had a series of awful dates and says she just wants to meet a nice guy.
Kennedy News and Media

She said: "He just started shouting at me. He said homeless people deserve to be on the streets and that I was only helping out for attention. I got him to drive me straight home. Game over."

But this was the tip of the iceberg as a series of failed dates soon followed, including a fireman who didn't know her name, and a guy who jokingly threw her on a bed, cracking her head open.

Yet nothing tops Natalie's worst date experience, not by a long way.

"Hands down the worst though was the guy who pooped himself in the queue at McDonald's. We'd had a few and needed to soak up the booze with some food," she explains.

"So we're in the queue when ­suddenly he goes bright red and tells me he's 'shit himself'. I started laughing which only made things worse."

The student has now ditched the apps after going through 40 'atrocious' dates.
Kennedy News and Media

Looking back on her patchy love life, 23-year-old Natalie says it's almost impossible to 'vet out the weirdos'.

She said: "I think online dating stops you vetting out the weirdos. The biggest shock was the ­number of men on these apps who turn out to be married or already seeing someone."

"I was having the best dinner with this lad until our waiter ­recognised him and asked him how his girlfriend was. Busted!

"Another date brought his fiancée with him to the cinema! I think maybe he thought I wouldn't show up and he'd already bought the tickets so..."

Natalie has now ditched the dating apps in the hope of finding someone the old fashioned way.

Good luck to her.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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