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Who Is Sky Bri? Real Name, Instagram And Boyfriend

Who Is Sky Bri? Real Name, Instagram And Boyfriend

Sky Bri has nearly reached 100,000 followers on Twitter in her first month of her joining the platform.

Sky Bri is a big name on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and, more recently, OnlyFans. So here’s a bit more information about her. 

Who is Sky Bri and what is her real name?

Sky Bri is a 22-year-old internet star from LA who’s fame has skyrocketed since some of her photos and videos on OnlyFans were leaked. 

Her real name isn’t known and for all we know, it could be Sky Bri. 

At the time of this article’s publication, Sky has 197,000 followers on Instagram, more than 156,000 likes on OnlyFans, 73,000 followers on TikTok, and 95,000 followers on Twitter, despite only joining the platform in December 2021.

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Reports say Sky quit her day job at Target to become an adult video creator. She regularly posts sex tapes and other X rated content on her Twitter feed to advertise her OnlyFans page.

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Does Sky Bri have a boyfriend?

It’s not clear whether or not Sky has a boyfriend as there isn’t any sign of one on her social media. Whoever she dates though, they’d need to be accepting of her profession, which involves posting sex tapes with other men - and women - on social media.

How tall is Sky Bri?

Sky’s height isn’t confirmed.

What is Sky Bri’s net worth?

Sky’s net worth isn’t confirmed, but considering her popularity online, she’s got to be doing well out of it.

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Sky’s OnlyFans subscription fee is $20 (£15) per month. She also has an Amazon wish list linked in her bio, which is full of sex toys and lingerie.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@realskybri

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