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Of All The Issues With The iPhone X, The 'Green Line' Could Be The Worst

Of All The Issues With The iPhone X, The 'Green Line' Could Be The Worst

Another day, another problem with the new iPhone X. This one is dubbed the 'green line of death'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

At this point it's probably fair to say the iPhone X has been something of a let-down. For starters, it wasn't exactly a ground-breaking technological marvel, in fact, for the £999 price tag it's positively primitive, especially next to its competitors.

Then there's the software issues. A problem following the release saw millions of users unable to type the letter 'i' on their handsets, which is a bit ironic when you think about it.

As if that weren't enough, the tenth-anniversary smartphone has been blasted by the press after having proven itself to be not only the most expensive iPhone ever, but the most easily breakable.

Now, in what may be the most worrying iPhone X issue to date, users are reporting the appearance of an unsightly green line - dubbed the green line of death - when using various social media apps, including Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

Initially reported by MacRumors, the green line of death appears toward the right-most side or left-most side of the screen, affecting the line of pixels furthest out toward the edge of the OLED screen. However, it has been reported popping up in various other positions too.

At the moment, the display glitch appears only to be affecting a small number of users, so it's not quite on par with Samsung's exploding handset fuck up just yet.

The first reports of the issue came just a day after the California-based tech giant put a fix out for its keypad problem.

Fingers crossed that if the problem becomes more widespread, it will be easily remedied with a software update. For now, Apple is reportedly replacing all affected handsets free of charge.

Despite having supplied the OLED panel Apple uses in its new screen, main competitor Samsung has been making headlines lately for its clever new advert which pokes fun at iPhone users' ten years of substandard products and misery.

The clip follows a young iPhone user over the course of ten years, from queuing up for the first ever iPhone, right the way through to the present day. Along the way he is constantly reminded of the inadequacies of his chosen smartphone, especially as his girlfriend is a Samsung user.

In the end, our protagonist ditches the queue for the iPhone X altogether, opting for a Samsung instead.

I think there's a moral in there somewhere, but it's hard to tell, this bloody green line is getting in the way of the video.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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