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Bar Completely Tears Into Customer Who Complained They'd Spent '£700' And Were Kicked Out

Rebecca Shepherd

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Bar Completely Tears Into Customer Who Complained They'd Spent '£700' And Were Kicked Out

A restaurant has responded to a complaint made on their social media page by a visitor who claimed to have spent £700 ($930).

The Cowshed in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, replied to the woman saying they 'love feedback, whether it be positive of negative', adding: "We especially love feedback like this so others can see the type of people we have to deal with sometimes."

The complaint. Credit: Facebook
The complaint. Credit: Facebook

In an attempt to publicly shame the restaurant the complainer, who we've decided to keep anonymous, explained how they'd spent approximately £700 on drinks and pizza to be served by staff with 'awful attitudes'.

They went on to say they were told to leave and not come back because a member of their party was 'too drunk' before adding that said party member threw up, but they 'cleaned it up' so no members of staff were affected by it.

The complaint also added: "Didn't mind taking the £700 though, I have never been spoken to in such a way."

Credit: Facebook/The Cowshed At Hucknall
Credit: Facebook/The Cowshed At Hucknall

The Cowshed, which prides itself on being Hucknall's only genuine wood-fired pizza house & bar, wrote a lengthy reply to their customer - first of all, pointing out some alleged inaccuracies on the amount spent.

They decided to prove this by 'crunching the numbers', writing: "Our most expensive pizza on the menu is £9.00, this means that if you ordered only pizzas, you'd have to order 77 of them to be even close to spending £700. You didn't order 77 pizzas.

"But let's talk drinks... the most expensive drink we sell is a double gin & mixer at £6.10, this means you'd have to order 115 of these to be even close to spending £700. You didn't order 115 double gin & mixers."

Calculating what they claim was the actual amount spent by the party, the reply goes on: "So seeing as you are having trouble with your memory & maths, I went over our point of sale system this afternoon for you, along with viewing our footage of your party on CCTV and our copy of your receipts.

"What you & your party spent was a far more realistic and believable £280 (£225 on 5 rounds of drinks and £55 on 8 pizzas). If you are going to lie, embellish, or try to fabricate a ridiculous narrative about your time at our bar... at least make it a believable one."

Credit: Facebook/The Cowshed at Hucknall
Credit: Facebook/The Cowshed at Hucknall

They weren't finished there either and continued to describe the way - they claim - the party behaved, saying they pulled light fittings off the boundary fence to hang birthday decor, smashed pint glasses and smeared birthday cake all over tables and benches.

The restaurant also alleged their guests were treating staff 'like your own personal servants', adding that they were 'clicking their fingers, shouting, swearing and barking orders at them, to the point one was almost in tears'.

The response goes on: "Then, for your party's grand finale, [a] gentleman headed into our bar from outside and decided to vomit everywhere but the toilet.

"Our staff stepped into to help, but you demanded to 'deal with the situation' and rather than clean up the mess, proceeded to smear it over an even wider area with our mop, whilst... once again, being loud, rude, sticking your hand in our staff's faces and shouting over anybody who was trying to communicate with you or help."

The eatery also claimed no one barred them, but then wrote: "You could have come back, apologized, been given the 'don't let it happen again' speech we've all had at one point or another and we'd have all moved on, but no... instead you ran straight to the internet, played victim, and told a pack of lies.

"So now consider this your official barring... don't you or your group ever set foot through our doors again."

Well, that's that then.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/The Cowshed at Hucknall

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Rebecca Shepherd
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