Couple In Their Early 20s Reveal How They Managed To Buy Own Home In Pricey Area

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Couple In Their Early 20s Reveal How They Managed To Buy Own Home In Pricey Area

A couple who are just 23 and 24 have managed to get themselves on the property ladder in Kent, by saving like demons and only going out a couple of times a month.

Natasha Sheppard, a 23-year-old hairdresser and her 24-year-old boyfriend Daniel Myatt, who works in highway maintenance bought a two-bedroom, semi-detached in Ashford, Kent, for £231,950.

Every so often I read one of these stories and it makes me pretty annoyed with myself for spending 60 percent of my wages in Wetherspoon's and on JustEat and I consider trying something like this, for about six minutes, before I open the JustEat app.

Natasha and Daniel told the Sun, they were determined to own their own home, so were happy to make some sacrifices.


Natasha said: "We always wanted to buy our own home and were determined that we'd do it when we were still young.

Credit: Dan Charity for The Sun / News Syndication

"We don't have well paid jobs. I started working as an apprentice hairdresser at 15 and Daniel is a lorry driver by trade, although he now works in highway maintenance.


"However, having a goal of buying our own home meant that we focused on saving, rather than frittering our money away on going out and designer clothes and gadgets".

Back in 2013, the pair decided that they needed a plan and began saving £1200 - £600 each - every month. Giving them a decent deposit at the end of three years. In order to save that amount, they lived with their folks, although still paid some rent, and 'budgeted really carefully' as well as making sacrifices such as not going out every weekend.

Natasha went on: "However, we made sure that we treated ourselves to a night out a couple of times a month.

"Our savings went into a separate account as soon as we got paid and we didn't ever dip into it once - even if we wanted to.


"Property prices in the South East are some of the most expensive in the country, so we did have to compromise slightly on the location, but we eventually found a new build in Ashford that we loved."

Credit: PA

The couple also used the government's Help To Buy Loan Scheme, meaning you only need a five percent deposit, but Natasha and Daniel actually put down a little more. They got a 30 year mortgage, so will be mortgage free in their early 50s, but are hoping they might be able to pay it off sooner.


She said: "We haven't been given any money from our parents - and we didn't expect it.

"I think young some young people think everything will just come to them and be handed to them on a plate when actually you have to work hard and save hard to get what you want out of life."

Featured Image Credit: Dan Charity for The Sun / News Syndication

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