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Mum Shares Savvy Balloon Hack To Fill Paddling Pool With Warm Water Every Time

Mum Shares Savvy Balloon Hack To Fill Paddling Pool With Warm Water Every Time

People are loving the idea

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd


We've all attempted to fill up a paddling pool using buckets of cold water, doing trips from the kitchen to the garden in a bid to get a few inches of depth before the sun goes in.

Or used the hose pipe to get the job done quicker before dipping a toe in and realising it is absolutely freezing and completely unenjoyable. Well fear not, one mum has a trick up her sleeve for you.

Despite the sunshine coming and going pretty swiftly, we're sure it'll be back soon enough. So now is the time to prepare for this snazzy life hack tip. It requires a hose pipe and a balloon - and it works every time, apparently.

Fancy filling up your paddling pool quickly, with warm water? No problem.
Facebook/Craft n' Creations, diy n' tips

When you get stuck in limbo because you can't remember where you put the tap adaptor, fear no more and grab yourself a balloon.

Simply cut the neck of the balloon off and slide it over the tap and the hose - similar to how you'd fill up a water balloon.

Cut this bit from the balloon.
Facebook/Craft n' Creations, diy n' tips

Make sure to put the other end of the hose into the paddling pool and turn the tap on so the temperature is to your liking. You can use some tape around the tap and balloon if you want that extra bit of security.

Taking to the Facebook page, Craft n' Creations, diy n' tips, the founder of this hack wrote: "Just a little tip for putting hot water in pool with out tap adapter.

"Cut a balloon [sic], the top off (see pics) then connect the bit cut to the hose the other end to the tap and away you go, don't need tape. Works every time.. have put some pics up.
End up with warm pool.. enjoy the nice weather all. Hope it works for you all..

"Make sure if tap same as mine the tap Is facing the way the hose goes, mines like facing the window as hose going out window. If need can use tape around the tap/balloon."

Facebook/Craft n' Creations, diy n' tips

Replying to the post, one person wrote: "wish we knew this when we got the pool!" While another commented: "now we know for next time."

Now you've got the tools to fill it up, you might need the actual pool and we're pleased to tell you that Argos is selling a nine-foot beauty for less than £25.

The 500 litre pool can be used to keep your children (or you) entertained for hours and if you don't have kids, well, there's nothing better than having an ice cold, floating crate of beers right in front of you - meaning no more journeys to the kitchen every 10 minutes and the fridge isn't crammed. And for £22 ($27) it really is a bargain.

All we need now is the sun back...

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Craft n' Creations, diy n’ tips

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