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Mum Spends £130k To Look Like 'Real-Life Barbie'

Mum Spends £130k To Look Like 'Real-Life Barbie'

​Kerry Miles has become something of an internet sensation over the last few years

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

Kerry Miles has become something of an internet sensation over the last few years, with the tabloids obsessing over her expensive decision to turn herself into a a real-life Barbie doll.

Now, after over a hundred grand's worth of surgery and a decade under the knife, she claims to have found the one treatment that has made her truly happy: a nose job.

After her parents gave her a £10,000 Christmas present, Kerry resolved to get her nose done and complete the look. "I was over the moon when my parents gave me £10,000 for surgery, they knew how happy it would make me," she said.

"I couldn't wait to book it in for January 31st and after one night in hospital, I was back home. It wasn't painful at all and although it only cost £5,000, they told me to keep the remaining money on other facial procedures.

"I've booked to have my lips done again and the maintenance of my fillers will use up the rest of the cash."

Miles began her transformation into Barbie in 2006, starting modestly by simply dressing like the plastic toy.


"I always liked Barbie - I had loads of the dolls, and everything was pink and very girly but it wasn't until 2006 that I started to dress like her," she said.

"It all started with getting my hair done and wearing a lot of pink, revealing clothes."

"But in 2015 I got my first boob job which took me from a size 32B to a 30G. I'm now a 28G after my second boob job and now after losing weight and my new nose, I finally feel like I have the figure and face that matches Barbie."


All in all, she has now spent £130,000 on her appearance, despite the reservations of her family.

"Darren [her husband] didn't like the fake look at first but he has now warmed to it," she said

"I looked so plain and boring before as being natural looked horrible on me. I used to say that I'd divorce Darren if he made me chose between him and my looks as I'd never give up my dream of turning myself into a plastic doll.

"I used to hate what I saw in the mirror but thanks to Barbie's amazing style, I know feeling amazing."

"My mum used to ask why I'd had more fillers and surgery but now she understands it. She can see how happy it makes me and my daughter, Beth, 14, has even bought me a course of lip filler for my birthday as they all know how addicted I am.

"My new nose has given me so much more confidence and I can't wait to show it off."

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