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EBay Seller Places Ad For Ferrari Showing Woman Performing Sex Act

EBay Seller Places Ad For Ferrari Showing Woman Performing Sex Act

The eBay advert for the 189mph Italian sports car has gone viral on social media, with Facebook users joking 'does she come with the car?'

What would make you want to buy a £35k canary yellow Ferrari from eBay more than a picture of a woman appearing to perform a sex act on the driver? Not much, you say...

Well, eBay users have been left shocked on finding the £35,300 used Ferrari 360 Modena Giallo 1999 Manual - and not because of its 78k mileage or nine previous owners. Eat your heart out, Jezza, Hammond and May.

It's a picture included in the online ad which set tongues wagging on social media as it shows a woman's head from behind, apparently in the lap of the driver.

The cockpit of the car is otherwise dark (thankfully), except for some instrument displays and a sunset out of the window - how romantic?!

Magnus News Agency

Get in the queue now because bidders have just 24 hours left to snap up the 189mph Italian supercar, which was listed in London, with the sale due to wind up tomorrow.

The seller, swerve_on_stoops, has been a member since March 2014 and invites people to view the car on 'request'.

The listing was posted on a Facebook page dedicated to unfinished car projects in the UK where plenty of commenters found the photo hilarious.

Magnus News Agency

One jokingly asked: "Does she come with the car?"

Another said: "I'm guessing he dropped his pen down the side of the seat and she kindly offered to retrieve it for him?"

One added: "That sunset in picture seven is amazing!"

In the listing the eBay seller said that they are 'tired of the UK' and don't want to take the car overseas. They go on to say the Ferrari has a new clutch fitted and a Japanese exhaust system. I'm pretty sure that's not the selling point...

Magnus News Agency

The description continues: "This car has been driven and has not sat in a garage all its life, it does need some work if you want to bring it to A1 condition." Oi Oi...

After detailing payment methods, they added: "I will be adding more photos & information over the next few days." Do we want to know what they will be?

An Ebay spokesperson confirmed that the listing has now been removed from the site for 'breaching our policies'.

Featured Image Credit: Magnus News Agency

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