A Student Pictured Walking To His Graduation Alone Has Been Gifted A Car

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A Student Pictured Walking To His Graduation Alone Has Been Gifted A Car

Anyone who's worn them will know that graduation robes are mega annoying. Very hot, very heavy, basically a pain in the ass, and that mortarboard is constantly trying to fly off your head.

Now, imagine you had to walk for ages and sit on a bus to get to your graduation ceremony, on your own, with all that kit on.

That was the situation for 19-year-old Corey Patrick, whose family don't own a car.


Corey gets up at 4.30am every day to make it to his school in Birmingham, Alabama, facing a hefty commute of at least 90 minutes each way. That's a big ask for a teenager.

His family moved across town just before he started his senior year, but because he wanted to keep studying with his friends he's had to suck it up and deal with that massive journey each way rather than switch schools.

The pictures of Corey heading to his senior graduation ceremony are kind of sad - a young boy trudging to a bus stop on his own when most of us would be getting lifts from our family or travelling in with friends.

The original photos were posted by the bus driver who dropped Corey off at his graduation ceremony.


Rickey Smiley, a local radio host, saw them and asked his followers to identify the teen.

In a move that hits you right in the feels, he's now gifted Corey and his family with a brand-new car - it's the first vehicle they've ever owned.

Credit: Rickey Smiley - Twitter
Credit: Rickey Smiley - Twitter

Smiley said: "His determination for success must be praised and recognised. Corey teaches us all a great lesson about endurance and how to push through no matter our circumstances."


Patrick's now working hard to get his driving licence before he goes off to uni, where he's got a full scholarship for Jacksonville State University.

He must be chuffed to not have to deal with a 4.30am-7pm day any more. Some of us moan about the old nine 'til five.

Corey's mum told WBRC of her son: "(He's) a great young man. He's very quiet, reserved, humble and he gets a little hard-headed sometimes, but he's a very obedient child and I'm proud of Corey."

He's certainly a dedicated LAD. Congratulations on your graduation, Corey.


Words: Daisy Jackson

Featured Image Credit: Credit: WBRC

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