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Restaurant Owner Brutally Responds To Customer Who Left One Star TripAdvisor Review

Jake Massey

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Restaurant Owner Brutally Responds To Customer Who Left One Star TripAdvisor Review

After eating out at a restaurant, most people either open up another bottle of wine or pass out on the sofa in a food coma. But some people - for some reason - love nothing more than getting straight on TripAdvisor and sharing their two cents with the world.

But one restaurant owner has turned the table on a customer who left a one star review of his restaurant on the site.


The customer in question, called Andy, titled his review, 'You ruined our wedding anniversary!'.


The review read: "Booked in for the set menu at 7. Got there at 7, manageress said we had two minutes to decide. Poor!!!"

But Gary Usher, the owner of Sticky Walnut, in Chester, UK, was so angered by the guest that he felt it necessary to personally respond to the review.


Mr Usher began his response on TripAdvisor by clarifying a few details regarding the customer's menu-based fury.

He said: "Our Early Dinner menu runs from 6pm to 7pm, Monday to Thursday, and has done for the last three years. You arrived just after 7pm. You requested the Early Dinner menu. The manager politely explained that menu was no longer available.

"Due to the fact you were obviously not happy with the situation you had put yourself in coupled with the fact hospitality is our business, you were offered both the Early Bird and the A la Carte menu."


At this stage, it seemed to be nothing more than a minor grumble, but when it came to paying, Andy got angry.

Mr Usher continued: "The bill...

"Obviously the bill presented to you was for what you ordered and ate and drank. You came downstairs to express how angry you were for being charged for the food from your menu choice. A la Carte. Not Early Bird.

"The manager reminded you that you had been given the choice of menus, despite the time of your arrival. Then you started to raise your voice, aggressively telling Becky that you should have been charged for the Early Bird menu. The one you didn't order off.



"I'm yet to understand your logic because there isn't any. You turned to your wife and told her to go outside because you were 'going to lose your head'.

"Your wife left the restaurant while you continued with your rude and intimidating tirade directed at the manager. Once you had finished your rant you then left without paying.

"The manager called me immediately to explain that an angry customer had left without paying. I subsequently reported this case of theft to the police and as well as having a case number we were advised that should you return in the same state as you left in we were to call them immediately."


Mr Usher concluded his response by assuring the irate customer there would be no such frustrations when it comes to his next wedding anniversary.

Mr Usher said: "'You ruined our wedding anniversary'. Are you sure that was down to us Andy?

"As always I think these sorts of incidents need to be called out if only to highlight how amazing our hospitality teams are on the thankfully rare occasion when they are faced with such vile odious 'guests'.

"You've got a year to find somewhere else that isn't part of our group for your next anniversary meal. You're banned."

... Seems safe to say that's a zero star review for Andy right there.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Jake Massey
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