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Woman Posts TikTok Video Of Herself Farting At Work Without Spotting Colleague In Background

Woman Posts TikTok Video Of Herself Farting At Work Without Spotting Colleague In Background

She turned in her chair to realise that she wasn't alone

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

When an office worker thought she was on her own in the office, she decided the world needed to see her filming herself farting. But her video didn't quite go to plan as it turned out one of her colleagues was still there.

Anja Gridley was working in Appleton Alliance Church, in Wisconsin, US, when she watched her two colleagues walk out of the office door, thinking it would leave her as the only remaining person in the room.

Taking the chance to upload some prime content to her TikTok account, she filmed herself watching her two pals leave the room, before adding a loud farting sound effect to the clip. Why? Well, banter, I suppose. It is pretty funny.

After the loud noise let rip through the room, however, she slowly turned around in her chair and was horrified to see a face looking back at her - and it didn't look too impressed either.

It was then that the realisation dawned on Anja that she had in fact, not been alone after all, and her workmate David was disturbed from his work by the farting sound.

Anja said: "David is our video producer. He often is very quiet when he is heavy into editing. The fart was loud enough to turn his head at the right time."


When she posted the clip, including David's reaction, it of course went viral in no time.

Anja added: "The tears of laughter have vastly outweighed all other comments and this brings us much joy.

"We knew it was going to be a hit, but the velocity of its exposure surprised all of us.

"Our goal is to engage in an online community through humour and relatable life situations."

Of course, people on TikTok have absolutely loved the video.

One user posted: "That's why you double and triple check that they're gone. But I relate - I love it when I have the office to myself."

Another wrote: "His face!! She really hurt his feelings."

Someone else replied: "That's f***ing hilarious. My daughters and I just died laughing."

Another put: "Oh my days this has had me CRYING! Such perfect comedic timing, girl's got game!"

The video has been liked thousands of times - who aong us doesn't love a bit of workplace bants? Helps you get through the day, doesn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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