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Woman Mortified After Posting Photo Of Wine Glass Without Noticing Naked Reflection

Woman Mortified After Posting Photo Of Wine Glass Without Noticing Naked Reflection

Jenny recorded herself telling the hilarious story and it's been watched nearly two million times

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A TikTok user has recalled the moment she posted a picture of a wine glass on her social media without realising her naked reflection was also on show. You can watch her recounting the story here:

The TikToker, whose username is @Jnenifer, uploaded a clip of herself explaining what happened, and as she tells the story, she struggles to contain herself.

The newlywed asks the camera (with red wine-stained lips, you go girl): "Oh, how's my honeymoon going?"

She then continues: "I accidentally posted a picture on Instagram of my wine glass and I was NAKED.

"74 people saw my cooter. That's 74 people - and my husband's mom - too many.

"A girl messaged me and was like 'Hey, I don't know whether you care but you can see yourself in the reflection of your wine glass.'

"I was like, 'I care so much, I literally care so much. Thank you.'"

The woman was crying with laughter.

Up to now, 1.7 million people have clicked on and watched the video, with it notching 305,000 likes and a further 1,500 comments.

In a bid to make Jenny feel better (I assume), one person wrote: "A friend of mine posted a picture of her standing on her glass scale. Same thing. Full frontal."

Another person added: "Girl this happened to me when I took a picture of my bubble bath. I FEEL YOU."

A third TikTok user went right in for the mother-in-law, writing: "So your MIL [mother-in-law] saw it and didn't say anything?"

Jenny responded: "We suspect she didn't notice! A couple of my friends saw the story and didn't notice anything."

Didn't notice or didn't mention...? Hmm.


Loads of others compared Jenny to Zooey Deschanel's character in New Girl, specifically when she made the comment: "I care SO much."

Many more referred to the person that brought it to Jenny's attention. One said: "That girl is a true friend. Just saying," while another commented: "That girl is a FRIEND!"

In a follow-up video, Jenny asked her husband Thor what he thought, and he said: "It fits your personality. Fine and clumsy."

Anyone else living for this hero? Here's hoping she's another bottle of red deep.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/jnenifer

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