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Woman With 'World's Biggest Mouth' Tries To Fit In Large McDonald's Fries

Jake Massey


Woman With 'World's Biggest Mouth' Tries To Fit In Large McDonald's Fries

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@samramsdell5

A woman with 'the world's largest mouth' has attempted to fit an entire large portion of Maccies fries in there in one go. You can see if she pulled off the important feat here:


Samantha Ramsdell, from Connecticut, USA, became a social media sensation due to her alarmingly large gob.

She ain't officially the proud owner of the world's largest mouth, but she reckons it's larger than the current Guinness World Record of 3.75 inches from the upper to lower incisors, claiming her gape measures 'almost four inches'.

So, what does one do with such a gift? That's right, they review sandwiches and try and fit as much stuff in there as possible.

Doing this, Samantha has racked up 1.5 million followers on TikTok, and taking up one such follower's challenge, she attempted to fit a large portion of McDonald's fries in her mouth in one go.

The result is impressive and disgusting in equal measure.

In the video, she can be seen placing the salty spuds in her seemingly ever expanding mush, before cramming them all beyond her lips as drool sags from her jaw.

As I say, it's impressive and rank.

She managed. Credit: TikTok/@samramsdell5
She managed. Credit: TikTok/@samramsdell5

Samantha's career as the lady with the massive mouth really took off when the pandemic hit and she started dedicating more time to it.

She explained: "I made a TikTok account in fall 2019 but didn't start really consistently posting until Covid hit around April 2020.

"I started growing popularity over lockdown, I'd make a lot of funny face videos, comedy skits and singing parodies.

"But any video involving my mouth and the faces I can make always went crazy viral."

Now, that big mouth of hers is raking in some serious bank.

"TikTok actually pays their top creators now based on how many views and it's about 0.3 cents per 1,000," she said.

"It doesn't sound like a lot but some of my top videos have over 50 million views, so if you do the math, it ain't too shabby for eating subway sandwiches on camera!"

All she needs now is the official validation that her mouth is indeed the largest in the world.

That's quite terrifying. Credit: Jam Press
That's quite terrifying. Credit: Jam Press

She said: "You know what's funny, last I 'measured' (which is hilarious in itself) I'm like 3.5 inch wide and almost 4 inch tall. But I gotta get a better measuring tape.

"Let's just say it's ginormous and I'm working on my application to Guinness as we speak."

Topics: Viral, Food, Community, Weird, McDonald's, TikTok

Jake Massey
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