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You Can Rent A Private Island So What Are You Waiting For

You Can Rent A Private Island So What Are You Waiting For

Everyone has those days from time to time, when they wish they could give their boss the middle finger, pack and bag and just fuck off.

As great as that sounds in your head, you quickly come crashing back to Earth upon the realisation that you've nowhere to go and would last about four hours before you ran out of money.


The fact is though, if you were filthy rich you could buy your own private island and forget about your job.

According to the Mirror, who have teamed up with, to find the best private islands, it doesn't have to break the bank to rent one.

For tropical islands, the prices apparently start at £240 with one in particular standing out.


A Belize island with stunning views of the Maya mountains can hold up to 14 people with its estate boasting 11 bedrooms.

It is above the start price, mind, but if luxury is what you're after, then there's no expense spared. Per night it'll set you back £1,160 ($1,643), but included in that is a private beach, a boat with a personal driver and full staff.

If you can't be bothered with sand in your food, in between your toes and somehow up your arse, then there's a pool area where all your relaxation needs are answered, as well as water sport needs.

The biggest bonus, however, and this goes for all private islands, you can strut around in your birthday suit and not be judged. No one around, you're paying for it to be yours, and why the fuck not?

It's not far from Placencia Village, which means you won't be travelling far to pick up food and, most importantly, mass amounts of beer.

If all of that is a bit out of your price range, then fear not, maybe Colleton River Plantation in South Carolina, USA, is more up your street.

At a far more affordable £240 ($307) a night, it does look like a little like the setting of a mid-2000s horror film, where three young couples, fresh out of college, rent it for a Summer party, only there's a man wearing a mask lurks in the murky water with a machete. Eventually one of them goes missing, with only a trail of blood giving them a clue as to where they are.

It's fair to assume that won't happen, but there is less luxury. Instead there's 150 acres of nature surrounding you, just a short drive from Hilton Head.

So, what's it going to be? Fork out a bit for a week of luxury, go for the affordable option, or sit on your arse planning to do something with your life without actually doing it.

I'm pretty dedicated to the latter, so probably going to continue doing that.

Featured Image Credit: Vacation Rentals

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