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Bride Married Wedding Guest After Groom Ran Away

Bride Married Wedding Guest After Groom Ran Away

The groom didn't show up and instead went to be with his girlfriend

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A woman has ended up marrying a guest at her wedding after the groom developed cold feet and did a runner.

The bride to be, known only as Sindhu, was due to marry a man named Naveen. The ceremony was taking place on the same day as Naveen's brother's wedding so the families were holding them simultaneously.

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The big day was set for Sunday 3 January and the day before Naveen and Sindhu participated in pre-wedding events such as posing for pictures and receiving greetings from guests.

When the wedding day approached, Naveen was nowhere to be found and local media reports suggest that he fled the wedding hall to be with his girlfriend.

According to the Bangalore Mirror, it turned out that Naveen's girlfriend had threatened to spoil the wedding by drinking poison in front of the guests.

As the ceremony took place, Naveen's brother, Ashok, went ahead with his marriage but then the families were left wondering what was going on.

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When it transpired that Naveen wasn't there, Sindhu's family members decided that she would still be able to wed but they would just have to look among the guests.

A Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) conductor, who was present at the wedding, volunteered to marry Sindhu if both the families agreed.

They all met, finalised the wedding vows and Sindhu still managed to get hitched.

Well, at least Sindhu didn't get kicked in the face like one woman did when the groom decided to give her a lap dance.

Professional ice hockey player Adam Gaudette, was performing a lovely sensual dance for his new wife Micaela at their wedding, but ended up getting it badly wrong when he straddled her and booted her right into the mush.

To make matters worse - as at many weddings - the whole incident was filmed. Then, to make matters even worse, they shared the video of the kick to TikTok, where it has since gone viral.

The video was titled: "How my husband ruined our wedding day part one." The Vancouver Canucks player was obviously mortified and rushed to his wife's aid, and - thankfully - she quickly forgave him and the pair shared a kiss.

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