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Couple Share CCTV 'Proof' There's A Ghost In Their House

Simon Catling

| Last updated 

Couple Share CCTV 'Proof' There's A Ghost In Their House

A couple who live in Buckinghamshire, England, have been insisting there's a ghost that lives in their house - and thanks to CCTV, they now claim they've got the footage to prove it. See what you reckon below:


Pretty creepy, no?

The eerie clip was recorded at 11.29am on 14 May. The pair - Ben Hubbard and Lainey Clark - were both out at work at the time, and the camera just shows their empty kitchen.

Suddenly, though, one of the drawers slowly opens by itself.

That's creepy enough, but then a piece of cutlery goes flying out of the drawer as though it has been forcibly thrown across the room.

Credit: TikTok/lainey_and_ben
Credit: TikTok/lainey_and_ben

It makes a terrifying clatter as it bounces off the kitchen window and lands just underneath the drawer.

Scarier yet, a couple of seconds later, another object jumps out of the drawer and launches itself across the room into the opposite corner.

To finish off the clip, the kitchen door - which was open - begins to slowly close.

Captioned 'CCTV cameras are handy', the video has since been viewed an incredible 19.3 million times on TikTok and - quite rightly - has given people the willies.

Credit: TikTok/@lainey_and_ben
Credit: TikTok/@lainey_and_ben

One wrote: "I would never come back to that house."

Another added: "I would simply move across the country."

There were inevitably a few naysayers, speculating that the video was fake.

One user claimed: "Fishing line tied to the drawer, silverware and door."

Another added: "A ghost would never do this... they're not going to just throw around silverware while no one is home."

We reckon they might've just been trying to make themselves feel better to be honest.

Credit: Instagram/@lainey_and_ben
Credit: Instagram/@lainey_and_ben

According to the MailOnline, PE teacher Ben and his partner Lainey, a primary school teacher, moved into a three-story townhouse in Buckinghamshire in 2018, but say they soon started to notice strange movements around the house.

It's far from the only video the couple have posted on social media about the supposed paranormal activity going on in their house. In fact, their channels on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are full of the claims.

They don't seem to be planning on moving out anytime soon, and are keen to know more about the spirit dwelling in their home.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, the couple say they learned through a psychic medium the spirit living in their house is called Dave.

According to the medium, Dave, who is a young male, died in a car accident not far from their house.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Instagram/@lainey_and_ben

Topics: Ghost, UK News, TikTok

Simon Catling
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