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Doctor Discovers Family Of Cockroaches Living Inside Man's Ear

Doctor Discovers Family Of Cockroaches Living Inside Man's Ear

The 24-year-old was complaining of 'sharp scratches' before doctors found the cause.

Imagine sitting there, chilled out on the couch, and feeling something wiggle in your ear.

You've seen dozens of videos of messed up things sitting in a person's ear and naturally you think a bat has taken up residence in your ear cavity. Thankfully, it turns out to be a bit of loose wax brushing against the fine hairs of your ear canal.

But sadly for a man in China, his situation was much, much, much worse.

He was complaining of experiencing sharp scratches in his ear while he slept so he got a family member to shine a torch down the canal to see if they could spot the cause. They were horrified by what they found and told him to go to hospital immediately.

The 24-year-old patient, known as Mr Lv, had a family of cockroaches sitting in his ear canal.

I repeat, not one cockroach, not two cockroaches, but a goddamn family of the insects crawling around there.

It's hard to believe that such rotten things could end up there but here we are. Doctors said there were around 10 newly hatched nymphs in the man's ear including the mother.

Excuse me while I throw up.


Ear, nose and throat specialist Zhong Yijin said: "He said his ear hurt a lot, like something was scratching or crawling inside. It caused a lot of discomfort.

"I discovered more than 10 cockroach babies inside. They were already running around."

Mr Lv suffered some damage to his ear canal but the extent isn't known.

Thankfully for him though, he was discharged on the same day and sent home with some ointment and cream.


Deputy head of ENT Jiang Tengxiang advised: "Household hygiene helps to prevent the appearance and spread of cockroaches. Disinfect drains and sewers. Use mosquito nets and screens on windows.

"That'll stop insects from flying or crawling into your noses and ears."

Things crawl into people's ears all the time, which is an incredibly creepy thought to have every time you rest your head to sleep.

A web designer called in sick to work suffering vertigo and earache only to discover a spider had crawled into his lug hole during the night. *Shudders*


Liam Gomez, 27, who had earlier disturbed a nest full of baby spiders in his doorway, woke with a blocked ear, felt dizzy and unbalanced and could hear a faint scratching in his head.

He applied olive oil to ease it and was horrified to see a spider's leg stuck to the end of the cotton bud. Uh oh.

Liam then spent the next hour extracting the spider - in bits. He's vowed to sleep with earmuffs from now on.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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