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Grandma's Cocaine Snorting Kit From The 70s Goes Viral After Family Finds It While Cleaning

Rebecca Shepherd


Grandma's Cocaine Snorting Kit From The 70s Goes Viral After Family Finds It While Cleaning

Grandparents are often fondly remembered for things such as their love of tea, Wether's Originals and some sort of meat and potato dish (well, in northern working class families at least).

But what about if the image in your head was completely tarnished after discovering that your old granny enjoyed a dabble with cocaine? So much so, that she actually had a cocaine snorting kit.

Credit: Rui Santos/Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Rui Santos/Alamy Stock Photo

That's right, such things do exist and one grandchild was lucky enough to find it while she was cleaning out her grandma's belongings.

The class A find - which looks like a Frost-Ade Kit - contained a little glass vial with a teeny tiny scooper spoon attached to the lid. This would be used to shovel the powder on and stick it up yer nose.

Ever seen anyone wearing a ket spoon around their neck (usually at a festival/in Ibiza)? Same thing by the looks of it.

There is also a slice of agate stone that could be used as a surface to rack up and a convenient little razor blade that would be used to construct lines of the Class A drug.

Then, for those wanting to sniff a larger quantity, the kit contains a tube that would enable people to do so. And it's all wrapped neatly in a brown suede pouch.

Posting the find on Reddit, the user wrote: "My friend was cleaning out her grandma's belongings and found this old school cocaine kit from the 70s."

Commenting on the picture, one person wrote: "Grandma called it the 'powder room' for a reason."

A Frost-Ade Kit.
A Frost-Ade Kit.

A third shared their own finding-out-your-grandparent-used-to-take-drugs story: "Kind of a similar thing but I found a few photos of my grandpa with a literal pile of coke in front of him, Scarface style. Needless to say I was very shocked lol."

Trying to guess the contents, another wrote: "Please correct me if I'm wrong. From right to left there's a vial to keep the coke in and attached to the lid a spoon (edit: specifically a scoopula) for small bumps and to remove the coke from the vial.

"There is a small piece of petrified wood (edit: actually a piece of geode/agate) up top to give you a flat surface to do lines. A razor to make the lines/cut up clumps. And on the left is a pestle (edit: actually a straw, so you don't have to carry a Benjamin with you)."

The OP responded: "Pretty close! It's not petrified wood but a thin geode and the piece you thought was a pestle is actually the straw lol. The piece on top slides down to give you a grip to hold it."

Grandma wasn't messing around.

Featured Image Credit: Gill Thompson/Alamy Stock Photo

Topics: Viral, Cocaine, Drugs, Community

Rebecca Shepherd
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