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Kid Spends 20 Minutes Of Nativity Play Flipping Off The Audience

Kid Spends 20 Minutes Of Nativity Play Flipping Off The Audience

Not quite the 'angelic' performance her mum was looking for...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

When you've got kids, it's as much a part of Christmas as putting up the tree, but ask yourself this - did you even really go to a school nativity play if you didn't see something weird and hilarious?

Well, this tale is no different.

A mum was left in hysterics when her daughter spent the entire play trying to show her mum her sore finger, but - in the process - flipped off the entire crowd.

Ah, the innocence of youth...

Kennedy News and Media

Carla Bovington was sat in the crowd to watch her five-year-old daughter's Christmas show, but claims that instead of portraying the angel that she was supposed to, Ella just spent at least 20 minutes of the show with her middle finger raised to the audience.

At one stage, as the pictures prove, she even went for the Eminem-style double-handed approach.

Of course, she wasn't actually flipping the bird, her mum was quick to point out that she had been complaining of a hangnail on her middle finger and just wanted to show her mum what the problem was.

33-year-old Carla said that little Ella was 'completely oblivious' to the meaning of the gesture.

Kennedy News and Media

She said: "It was so funny because she didn't realise what she was doing.

"She likes to let me know if she's at all injured, so she was basically trying to show me what she had done from across the room. It was the tiniest little hangnail as well.

"Then she put both her fingers up because she was trying to compare to see if both fingers were hurt.

"It was pretty much for the majority of it she was there with her middle finger up. Because I didn't run over there she kept holding it up as if she was saying, 'mum, look!'.

"A couple of the teaching assistants had a bit of a giggle. I think where she was standing, and the fact that you don't watch one child the whole time, I don't think everyone noticed.

"A few of the older children whispered, 'Ella's got her finger up'. Everyone seemed to know what she was doing, but yeah there were a few laughs here and there."

Kennedy News and Media

She continued: "I was thinking, 'oh god, Ella please stop'. Because she was doing it so innocently I think most people were thinking, 'oh bless her'.

"That's what made it so funny as well, because she was completely oblivious.

"She's quite endearing normally and is really cute. She likes pretty dresses. Being an angel was perfect for her."

Carla, who lives near Maldon in Essex, then shared the photographic evidence online, where it has gone down a storm.

Whilst Ella is happy with her new-found fame, thankfully she's still got no idea what the meaning behind it is.

Her mum added: "I posted the photos online and she had lots of laughing reactions and funny comments.

"She obviously doesn't have social media but I was showing her how many people thought it was funny.

"She wanted to say thank you to everyone for liking her picture, but then she said, 'I don't know what's funny though'. She doesn't get what the joke is.

Kennedy News and Media

"She just thinks she looks cute, but doesn't know why we're all laughing which is quite funny. When she's older I will get [the photos] out again to show her.

"It had to be my child. I had to keep mouthing 'put your finger down' discreetly, but then I just accepted that she was going to be standing there with her finger up.

"The performance was about half-an-hour long, and I would say 70 percent of it she had her middle finger up.

"Now after people have had a laugh I can see the funny side of it.

"She's quite endearing normally and is really cute. She likes pretty dresses. Being an angel was perfect for her.

"When she did the performance again, I had to say, 'don't do it again. It was funny when you didn't realise, but now it won't be funny so don't do it again'.

"The second performance was much better. There was a little bit of clowning around as per usual for her, but it was fine."

Well, that's OK then.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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