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Man Thinks Girlfriend Should Propose To Him After Knocking Him Back The First Time

Tom Wood

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Man Thinks Girlfriend Should Propose To Him After Knocking Him Back The First Time

A man on Reddit has said that he wants his girlfriend to propose to him after she knocked back his first proposal, but then hinted at him popping the question again for a second time.

Two things about this, firstly - when did we reach the stage where everyone decided to use Reddit for their advice instead of their close friends and families?

Secondly, how does a relationship stay together after one party within the relationship asks the other to marry them and they say no?

We're not going to find the answers to those burning questions here, though.

Sharing his problem with the random anonymous strangers of the internet, the person wrote: "I (28M) recently proposed to my girlfriend (30F).

"I did it at home, as she has said that she wouldn't want a public proposal. I tried to make it feel special. I made an elaborate meal from scratch, and afterwards i popped the question.

"Long story short, her answer was that she loves me and wants to marry me someday, but isn't ready to take the step to be engaged."

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

"I said that we could wait a while before actually getting married, but she still didnt want to become engaged.

"First and foremost, I want to say I respect that. I have no issue with her not being ready, and although I was disappointed I am not upset with her about it.

He continued: "However, a few days later she offhandedly mentioned something about me proposing again in the future.

"I told her that I thought she should propose. In essence, my point was that I had already asked, she knows i'm ready, my cards are 'on the table'.

"Also, I already planned and executed a proposal. I put a lot of work into it to make it sentimental, and I don't feel like I should have to re-create that moment.

"She disagrees, and seems to feel like I'm punishing her.

"This is putting a lot of strain on us, and I'm not sure how to bridge this impasse. Any advice?"

Of course, there is some advice.

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

Many folks have supported his stance, with one person writing: "Your suggestion seems to be the most sensible/rational way of doing it. She said she's not ready yet. You're cool with that.

"The ball is now in her court to decide when she is ready, and propose to you.

"It's 2021... archaic traditions can get in the bin."

Another said: "I think the idea of a proposal is so outdated. Me and my husband considered ourselves engaged as soon as we were both in agreement about wanting to get married.

"We did then get a ring and he got on one knee to give it to me when it arrived, but that was just him being romantic. The actual decision process should happen outside of that romantic moment."

However, someone else said: "He should've known she wasn't ready.

"The way the proposal happens is meant to the surprise not the proposal itself.

"People really should stop aping TVs and movies for romantic inspiration."

Now that last part is a decent piece of advice.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

Topics: Interesting, Weird

Tom Wood
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