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Man Calls Girlfriend 'Four Out Of 10' While She Stands Behind Him

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

Man Calls Girlfriend 'Four Out Of 10' While She Stands Behind Him

A man has filmed calling his girlfriend a 'four out of 10' on camera while she was standing right behind him. You watch him get the slap he deserves in the video below:


Of course, before we get into the meat of this story, it's worth pointing out that it looks pretty staged.

After all, the man seemingly has no idea that his girlfriend is standing right behind him, despite the fact that there are only three people in shot.


Oh, and what would have to happen for something that unusual to happen right in the middle of Central London, and how did the man filming the video know that she was his girlfriend?

Anyway, let's pretend that it's all real for a minute and believe the premise that they clearly want us to.

The clip was uploaded to TikTok by user @rafreacts3, which is a man called Raphael Aghagan.

Now, Raf was filmed speaking to a bloke outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, when he showed him a picture of an Instagram model and asked him to rate her out of 10.


Of course, the man described her as a 'solid 10' and said she was 'wife material'.

His girlfriend was - understandably - annoyed. Credit: TikTok/@rafreacts3
His girlfriend was - understandably - annoyed. Credit: TikTok/@rafreacts3

All the while, a quietly seething woman - who, as we've discussed, may or may not be this man's girlfriend - stands behind him.

The host then asks the man if he is single, to which he replies that he is not.


Then, things get really awful, when he is asked to rate his own girlfriend out of 10.

He said: "It has to be like four out of 10.

"Yeah it's just a quick beat [hook-up] and that's it."

Oh dear.


No matter whether the person you're talking about is behind you or not, you're just better off not saying things like that at all, about anyone.

A stunned Raphael then says: "This guy is rude.

"What would you do if I told you your girlfriend is right behind you?"

The man says 'no way', but then realises that the woman behind is advancing on him.


The video ends with the man - quite rightly - getting a firm slap across the face.

Not laughing now, eh? Credit: TikTok/@rafreacts3
Not laughing now, eh? Credit: TikTok/@rafreacts3

Naturally, most commenters - well, the ones that aren't saying it's all made up for clout - are on her side.

One person said: "He is like 0/10. Lucky she even gave him the time of day. No respect."

Another said: "She can do better."

Whether you believe the video is real, or whether you think it's a heap of nonsense, just remember - don't speak like that about people.

Particularly if you don't want a slap.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rafreacts3

Topics: UK News, Fail, Weird, TikTok

Tom Wood
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