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Man Wears Custom £4,000 Face Mask Made Of Pure Gold

Man Wears Custom £4,000 Face Mask Made Of Pure Gold

Shankar Kurade's mask was made by a jeweller which took eight days - and he's not sure whether it's effective...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

An Indian businessman has got himself a mask made of pure gold to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Shankar Kurade has got a custom-made gold mask for a whopping £4,000 ($5,000) weighing roughly 60 grams that took craftsmen eight days to create.

Shankar Kurade wearing his mask.

Kurhade said: "I love gold and I am very happy with wearing this mask. It is a thin mask and has tiny holes so I am not facing any problems with breathing."

The 49-year-old businessman from western Pune city is known for his obsession for the yellow metal and never steps out of home without his flashy pieces of jewellery that includes an enormous bracelet, a thick chain around his neck and rings on all of his right hand fingers weighing more than one kilogram.


The grandfather, who deals with installing industry sheds got the unique idea after watching a man wearing a silver mask on TV news.

He said: "I always go out wearing all the jewelry pieces so when I saw this man on TV wearing a mask made of gold, I thought why should I not get it made in gold?

"I went to my personal jeweller and proposed the idea. They took eight days to make it."


Mr Kurhade is not sure if his expensive mask is effective but he is overjoyed with the fame the mask has brought him.

He said: "Wherever I go, people stop me for selfies. They are startled to see me waking with a gold mask. The are curious to know if it is real gold."

If you don't want to shell out £4k for a covering (the majority of us), you can get two reusable face masks for £4.99 from Aldi.

Each one is double-layered and covers your mouth and nose. With elastic ties, they can easily be attached behind your ears, while the cotton fabric promises a 'soft and comfortable wear'.


As well as these, stores will also be selling a 10-pack of disposable face masks for £5.79.

Just bear in mind though that the masks are designed to be used as a general facial covering, and are not intended as a medical device or personal protective equipment, or to be used in healthcare settings.

If any shoppers are also interested in making their own face coverings at home, Aldi has partnered with The Big Community Sew to create a helpful online how-to guide.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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