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Optical Illusion Tattoo Looks Like A Hole In Man's Bald Head

Optical Illusion Tattoo Looks Like A Hole In Man's Bald Head

A tattoo artist has created an incredible optical illusion piece, making it look like there is a massive gaping hole in his client's head.

Tattoo artist Matt Pehrson, who works at the Zion Tattoo Company in St George, Utah, went to new extremes after inking a magnificent optical illusion tattoo on his friend, Ryan.

Credit: Jam Press
Credit: Jam Press

Matt inked a series of thick lines on Ryan's bald head, diverting inwards to the back of his skull.


Then, with some clever shading tricks, Matt created an eye-catching illusion to make it look like Ryan had a massive hole in the back of his head.

He uploaded the photo on his Instagram page @mattpehrsontattoos, which has since gained over 11.1K likes as dozens of users praised Matt for his artistic creation.

Replying to the pictures, one person said: "Literally looks like he has a hole in the back of his head holy s*** good job."


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Another added: "OMG that looks fantastic!!!!" And a third commented: "This is the most insane optical illusion."

Back in May, an artist in Mexico turned her designs into tattoos - and her signature style creates the optical illusion of blurred vision.

Yatzil Elizalde, 25, owns her own tattoo studio, White Light, in Hermosillo, in the north west of Mexico - however, she started out as a visual artist.

She told Insider that she moved on when she was 'finally able to tattoo a human body with the style that always defined me'.


Her style is captivating, involving a shadow effect that creates an optical illusion similar to double vision.

Many of her signature pieces have the same image twice, sometimes more. They are always slightly off from each other, much like 3D images seen without glasses.

Time for a lie down after these.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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