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Palace Guard Goes Viral For His 'Reaction' To Woman Dancing Near Him

Palace Guard Goes Viral For His 'Reaction' To Woman Dancing Near Him

The video of the palace guard was shared on Reddit, where people have been discussing his so-called reaction to the dancing woman.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A royal guard outside Buckingham Palace has gone viral after footage of his apparent reaction to a woman dancing next to him resurfaced. You can see the footage in the video below.

We've all felt like that, haven't we? The guy seems so relentlessly unimpressed with the dancing woman before shuffling his rifle across to his other shoulder and stomping off.

Of course, he's probably just off for his tea break or letting someone else have a go at standing really very still in order to somehow protect the Queen.

That doesn't mean that he doesn't look as if he's had enough of the dancing, though.

The video, which was actually created a few years back, recently resurfaced when it was shared to Reddit on their 'Cringetopia' sub-Reddit.

It definitely fits the description, doesn't it?


There, it's had more than 80,000 upvotes since it was shared, and has started quite the debate amongst those who have watched it.

First off, as they have a vote on these sorts of things, it was overwhelmingly declared as 'Cringe' by the denizens of the sub-Reddit.

Nice to get that bit of housekeeping out of the way.

One person commented: "It was at this moment, she knew, she f***ed up"

Another - quite rightly - pointed out: "There was a very big gun with a bayonet right next to her face to be fair."

However, a third added: "As she should be. He's a legit military guard with a loaded weapon, and the authority to use force if needed. Screwing with those guys is incredibly dumb."

Many others have chimed in to discuss a myriad of topics, including how tall you have to become one of the fluffy-hatted palace defenders - the general consensus seems to be five foot 10 - and expressing their astonishment at the fact you can just go up to these guys and dance.

For her part, the woman who originally featured in the video responded at the time, pointing out that she hadn't done anything illegal or wrong and had followed the rules.


Adah Sharma - an influencer with 5.7 million followers on Instagram - said at the time of posting the video: "I READ THE RULES. IT'S NOT ILLEGAL UNLESS YOU ARE CARRYING WEAPONS YOURSELF.

"Photography and videography is allowed. Yes with him as well. This is not inside the queen's palace.

"Almost got a heart attack [sic] there!

"But I guess he wanted to shake it like Shammi as well before I could.

"This maybe the angriest a man has gotten with me yet."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@adah_ki_adah

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