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Police Release Footage Of Dinosaur Running Down The Streets Of Plymouth

Police Release Footage Of Dinosaur Running Down The Streets Of Plymouth

Police have released some hilarious dashcam footage that shows a dinosaur running down a road in Plymouth.


Well, more accurately, it shows a person in a dinosaur costume running down a city street, whilst being tailed by the coppers.

Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, silly.

The story behind exactly why the dinosaur was running through the streets close to the Devon city's Royal William Yard isn't clear.

What is clear is that the police officers following him on his prehistoric parade found the whole thing pretty amusing.

On the video, the police officers can be heard laughing hysterically as they track the fancy dress clad character along.


If you look, the T-Rex was actually doing quite a decent pace. One of the officers can be heard to say: "Makes you wonder how they became extinct, don't you?"


Anyway, the short 30 second video clip was shared by the Charles Cross Police Team with the caption: "Just another late shift in #Plymouth - We can confirm the Doyouthinkhesawus is NOT extinct and they can run real fast! Let's hear your best 'Why did the dinosaur cross the road' jokes please...."

Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police
Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

Well, if you insist.

What do you call a drunk guy in a dinosaur suit on a night out? A Tyrannosaurus Wrecked.

The hilarious clip concludes with the dino drunkard turning around to bear it's considerable fangs at the officers.

It looks like they might have got away with it though.

Hey, if this dinosaur reckons they can run quickly though, why don't they head on over to the USA to test themselves against the best?

A racetrack in Auburn, Washington, stages a race every year between gigantic reptiles (or, at least, people dressed as them) to determine once and for all who is the 'world's fastest T-Rex'.

This year's edition was won by a competitor called Regular Unleaded, who beat back some stiff competition from Rex Girlfriend and won by a tail.

Not all of the contestants managed to reach the end of the course, but that is to be expected when you're sprinting in the dirt wearing a giant dinosaur costume.

After all, you could be Usain Bolt, but the dino costume would still act as a great leveller, you'd have to imagine.

Perhaps they should stage another version of the dino derby down the streets of Plymouth, we've got at least one favourite on the card already...

Featured Image Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

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Police Release Footage Of Dinosaur Running Down The Streets Of Plymouth

Police Release Footage Of Dinosaur Running Down The Streets Of Plymouth

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