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Man Has Spent £11,000 On Body Modifications To Look Like A Zombie

Tom Wood

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Man Has Spent £11,000 On Body Modifications To Look Like A Zombie

Featured Image Credit: MediaDrumWorld

A model and actor from London has spent more than £11,000 covering more than three quarters of his body in tattoos and body modifications to make himself look like a zombie.

Anderson Garcia Rodrigues is something of a local celebrity in his local area of Camden Town, and after getting his first tattoo at the age of 17, the 31-year-old has set about covering himself in 13 more huge tattoos that cover most of his body.

He's even had one of his eyeballs done, which can only have hurt quite a lot.

Despite getting some sideways glances while walking down the street, the self-proclaimed punk loves the attention, and plays up to it.

Credit: MediaDrumWorld
Credit: MediaDrumWorld

Well, if you're going to make yourself look like he does, you'd better enjoy it and live up to it.

He's got cheek piercings, a tongue split, a colourful mohawk, and all sorts of other things that contribute to the look.

Anderson says that people are always coming up to him to ask for a picture, and that's fine. However, there are obviously others who think that he's 'ugly' or 'crazy' for changing his appearance so drastically.

One person even told him that he didn't have 'god in his heart'.

Credit: MediaDrumWorld
Credit: MediaDrumWorld

All of that talk doesn't faze him, though. In typical punk fashion, he couldn't give a f*** what people think of him.

He even walks around with a sign that reads 'help a punk to get drunk', asking for £1 donations from anyone who wants a picture.

Anderson said: "I've always identified myself as someone who loves being alternative; whether that is liking alternative music or having an alternative appearance,

"When I was a teenager, I had a group of friends who introduced me to the world of tattooing and piercings."

Credit: MediaDrumWorld
Credit: MediaDrumWorld

"I never wanted to be conventional and so by the age of seventeen I lied to the tattoo artist about my age and had my first tattoo done - it was of Kurt Cobain.

"In the beginning, my parents didn't like it and tried to stop me, but over time they got used to it and today they support me.

"When I'm out walking, I get called all sorts of things but I'm never bothered because I knew that it was always going to be the case with the way I look.

"People call me 'ugly' and 'crazy' and ask if there's something wrong with me because I have chosen to look the way I do.

"One person even said I 'didn't have god in my heart', which was weird.

"I also get a lot of strangers saying that they love my look and my personality and that I inspire them."

Credit: MediaDrumWorld
Credit: MediaDrumWorld

Regardless of what people say, Anderson believes that his modifications have made him a better person, and - of course - he plans to get more.

He continued: "My favourite body modifications are my eyeball tattoo and my face skeleton face tattoo which I love.

"The most painful was the tongue splitting by far.

"I believe that I have become a better person today because I am part of a world that most people never have an opportunity to know and probably wouldn't want to know.

"I am a punk activist in love with freedom of expression."

Each to their own.

Topics: UK News, Interesting, Weird

Tom Wood
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