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Smart Doorbell Catches Man Farting Outside Girlfriend's Parent's House

Smart Doorbell Catches Man Farting Outside Girlfriend's Parent's House

The man nipped out to let rip, but was busted by the family's smart doorbell

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A man has been captured by a smart doorbell as he poppedoutside his girlfriend's parent's house to let out a fart. Watch below:

OK, so it can be an anxiety-inducing experience, hanging out with the parents of your partner, particularly if your bowels are sending you messages that can't be ignored.

You have to admire the effort that this particular bloke went to in order to make sure he wasn't detected.

However, he didn't account for the 21st century technology that eventually stitched him up.

The original footage was shared on social media by Jamie Patrino, and it shows the poor bloke stepping out of the front door of the house and cracking the fart out on the porch.

She wrote: "My boyfriend met my parents this weekend and tried to hide a fart outside.

"He ended up alerting out doorbell camera..."


The man's fart not only triggered the doorbell, but was also apparently so potent that he had to waft the smell away with his hands, also captured on the video.

It was obviously spotted by loads of people and has gone viral after being shared by an Instagram account called F***Jerry.

So far, just shy of 10 million people have so far watched and enjoyed the boyfriend's antics, with many commenting on how hilarious they find the whole situation.

One wrote: "I can't stop watching this and laughing. Dead."

Another commented: "Right idea, horrible execution."

A third wrote: "Legit farted from laughing so hard at this."

However, some other folks have sided with the man, and even lauded his efforts to get outside of the house and let rip with his gas.

After all, that's pretty much the best way to go about it, isn't it? He could have just let it go in the living room.

One of his defenders said: "Look idc what anyone says - this is literally what you're supposed to do....

"Excuse yourself from the room and handle your business. Not his fault we live in a society where everything is recorded."


Another said that this proves that his boyfriend credentials are well in order, writing: "Documented how much of a true gentleman he is.

"He's a keeper."

Either way, let's hope that he - and the partner and her parents - can see the funny side of it, because it's harmless fun.

Everyone farts, we now all just need to remember not to do it around smart doorbells.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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