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Some People Are Trying To Get High By Eating Raw, Rotten Meat

Claire Reid

| Last updated 

Some People Are Trying To Get High By Eating Raw, Rotten Meat

People are eating raw rotten meat in an attempt to get high and then sharing their experiences online. Anyone else just had enough of 2021 already?

So-called 'high meat' is created simply enough, by leaving meat to rot and decompose for weeks or even years, allowing a grim layer of bacteria to form across the surface. Yummy.

This raw, rotting meat is then eaten with some claiming it gives them a sense of euphoria, IFL Science reports.

YouTuber sv3rige, who is a big fan of chowing down on raw meat, hopped on the trend all the way back in 2017, eating a jarful of meat which he claimed was a year old.

He didn't make the experience look particularly pleasurable, to be honest, coughing and complaining that it was 'hard to swallow' before stressing that it didn't 'taste bad' but was 'spicy' and 'overwhelming'.

He compared the flavour to 'mushrooms' before adding that it was 'acidic'. Sounds delightful.

After eating the rotten meat, the YouTuber said he could 'already feel it' before confirming that it was 'definitely high meat'. Fair enough.

Credit: YouTube/sv3rige
Credit: YouTube/sv3rige

More recently, a Twitter user shared their own experiences with 'high meat' saying that it 'actually felt great' and stressing that they didn't get sick 'at all'.

But it's important to point out that eating raw, rotten meat is not without its risks.

Now, if the meat is properly fermented - like in the case of the Icelandic dish hákarl, which is created using the fermented flesh of a shark, or Korea's Hongeo-hoe, which is made using fermented skate - then you'll most likely be fine.

However, if you're chomping your way through meat that's just been left out to decompose then you could be putting your health at risk.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Harmful and even potentially deadly bacteria can flourish on decomposing meat, meaning if you were to consume it could end up in your gut and set you up for a really bad time.

According to IFL Science, some of those who have attempted to try 'high meat' have been left with seriously upset stomachs.

Welcoming bacteria such as salmonella and staphylococcus aureus into your body can also lead to hospitalisation and in extreme cases even death.

I know it probably goes without saying, but please don't try this at home, guys.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Frank Tufano

Topics: Food, Weird

Claire Reid
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