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Terrified Man Finds Himself Home Alone As 'Annabelle' Dolls Start Moving On Their Own

Terrified Man Finds Himself Home Alone As 'Annabelle' Dolls Start Moving On Their Own

Chad Gassert was petrified to find himself in the middle of a paranormal experience - while he was home alone

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A bloke home alone 'ran to his bedroom' in terror after he caught footage of his wife's Annabelle-esque porcelain dolls moving on their own - for the second time:

Chad Gassert was left petrified when he began spotting the dolls moving on their own at their home in Hamilton, Ohio, US, while his wife Victoria Andrews-Gassert was out on 4 May.

Having already had a paranormal experience with the trio of toys just a few months earlier, the business owner decided to film what was happening in his living room.

What he caught on camera drew comparisons to the notorious Annabelle doll that was reportedly so haunted it had to be kept in a safe occult museum and inspired the horror franchise of the same name.

Chad Gassert.
Kennedy News and Media

Footage shows the smallest of the dolls moving forward, seemingly of its own accord, as he filmed the glass cabinet where the porcelain collectables live.

While the camera continues to scan around the room as Chad repeatedly says the dolls 'keep moving', a pile of the couple's clothes topple onto the floor with nobody near them.

But it's not the first time Chad has caught the spooky figurines' antics on film - he got his camera out back in January when he spotted them moving from across the room.

Some clothes also toppled on to the floor.
Kennedy News and Media

The clip shows Chad get completely 'freaked out' as one of the dolls lurches sideways on the shelf, with its feet knocking against the glass causing a chinking sound.

The experience led Chad to say 'we're going to be out of here' and he even admitted he had gone to his bedroom and 'watched the door' waiting for someone to come in.

Chad said: "I'm in my room right now watching the door. I wish it was [trickery].... wife is gone at the moment... [I'm the] only one here.

"I'm still a little shook. I went to my bedroom and was looking at the door, waiting for that [motherf***er] to bust through it.

"This is the second time this [has] happened now. Last time was just the doll [that moved]. And now a completely different doll is moving and clothes just fall off the couch. It only happens when I'm here by myself."

The creepy dolls.
Kennedy News and Media

After sharing the footage online, many viewers branded the clips 'creepy' and advised Chad to 'burn the doll' with some even suggesting he'd 'better move out' of the house.

More than one person suggested that the dolls were just looking to 'get out of the case' and some suggested he should 'sage' the whole house to get rid of bad spirits.

One person said they had spotted a 'pair of eyes' behind the dolls just before they moved and a couple mentioned they saw the doll 'sit straight back up'.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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