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'Time Traveller' Claims He Has 'Photo Proof' Of Trip To 2118

'Time Traveller' Claims He Has 'Photo Proof' Of Trip To 2118

Like any tourist, he made sure to take a snap

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A 'time traveller' has shared 'photo proof' of his trip to the year 2118. Check it out here:

Alexander Smith claims to have been sent to the future back in 1981 as part of a classified CIA experiment.

But perhaps fearful that people wouldn't believe him, he made sure to get a snap of a city from almost 100 years into the future.

As you can see, the photo offers us a grainy glimpse at some greenish wonky-looking buildings.

So in terms of the photo 'evidence', all we've really gleaned from Alex's jaunt is that they still have buildings in the future. Top work, mate.

It's like looking into the future.
Apex TV

Also, as far as evidence goes, it's not really the strongest, is it? He may as well have said he's been to the moon and just held up a picture of the moon.

Still, regardless of whether we accept this photographic proof, Smithy certainly has a lot to say about the future.

Speaking to paranormal YouTube channel Apex TV, he said: "Aliens do visit us, there are intelligent extra-terrestrials that do come to Earth, this is in the mid 21st century.

"There is actually contact with intelligent extra-terrestrials long before it was revealed to the public.

"These aliens don't necessarily live among us but they do visit from time to time."

OK, so we've got aliens to look forward to, what else?

He continued: "There are many threats to the human race.

"The number one threat to humanity as we know it is global warming, rising sea levels as well as the increase in CO2 in our atmosphere."

He certainly looks like a time traveller.
Apex TV

Yeah yeah, global warming - we know about that now, what else?

He said: "I asked them if there had been any wars between 1981 and this year, 2118, and a human looked at me, and she said, 'I wouldn't classify it as a war, it was more a conflict, a conflict of interests between two societies'."

Ah, well that sounds good too. And oh yeah, the President is a robot, by the way.

Alexander said he was putting himself at risk by speaking out about all of this, but he said he thought it was wrong that time travel technology was being used 'behind closed doors'.

I dunno mate, the process seems to have messed up your face quite badly, not sure if I really fancy it.

Featured Image Credit: Apex TV

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