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'Time Traveller' Claims To Know What Happens When We Die

'Time Traveller' Claims To Know What Happens When We Die

Glad that's all cleared up then

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A person on the internet that claims to be a time traveller has finally 'revealed' what happens after we all die.

Of course, the inverted commas around the word 'revealed' there should indicate that anything these folks say should be taken with a Dead Sea measure of salt, because it's a whole heap of b*****ks.

That said, these people have huge followings on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, so it would seem that there are enough people willing to be taken in by this brand of horse s**t.

In this instance, the time traveller claims to have revealed the secrets to the afterlife.

The video was actually shared in November 2020, so it's a bit old by now, but - given the context and content - does it really matter?

It was shared by TikTok time traveller - or not, as the case may be - @thatonetimetraveller.

In the short clip, the captions read: "I have been asked to talk more about the 'afterlife'.

"There is an afterlife, but there is also reincarnation.

"The afterlife is a place to meet with the beings who chose NOT to be reincarnated.

"If you choose reincarnation, as 98 percent of the beings do, then you are able to be born back on earth again."


Well, glad that's all been cleared up then.

The good news is, according to the same person, we've all got a decent while before the world ends, and it will end long after we have died and potentially been reincarnated a few times.

The self-proclaimed time lord revealed all of the answers of the apocalypse on - you've guessed it - TikTok.

It's great that a platform best known for dancing and performing dumb challenges is such a repository of existential wisdom, right?

In the video, it states: "Many want to know when the Earth will end and the date of it.

"The end of Earth is on July 6th 2788, from a gigantic meteroid [sic].

"However, by that time we have successfully managed to civilize on Mars, the Moon, and many other planets."

Whatever a 'meteroid' is, it sounds bad.

Luckily we'll be living it up in other parts of the solar system by then, though.

Or, just bear with me here, maybe the person has no idea what is going to happen in the future and just wants to confuse people on the internet.

Whatever they're doing, it's working, because they've got 1.3 million followers and their videos have received 13.2 million likes.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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