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Urban Explorer Hears 'Scream' In Abandoned Mental Asylum

Urban Explorer Hears 'Scream' In Abandoned Mental Asylum

Louis Dee was alone in the abandoned building when he heard what he believes was an 'ex patient screaming for help'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment an urban explorer caught what he described as a 'scream' as he walked through an abandoned psychiatric asylum:

Louis Davison - better known as Dee - visited the abandoned building in Scotland two weeks ago.

The 26-year-old from Workington, Cumbria, was filming content for his YouTube channel and claims he was completely alone in the asylum which has been abandoned since the 80s.

Speaking about the moment and what he thinks the noise was, Dee told LADbible: "I 100 percent believe it was a ex patient screaming for help or that their spirit is trapped there."


He went on to add: "I went alone and when I was there there was nobody else inside the building so had the full asylum to myself, I was there for roughly two hours.

"I never noticed the scream until I was editing the video back ready to be uploaded. And was horrified that it was so loud and clear that I never heard anything in real time."

Despite not hearing the noise at the time, Dee explained how it was captured the moment he started walking into the library, when he had to take a break.

He said: "I had to get back to it when I wasn't as scared, but it felt if I was being watched."

Inside the abandoned asylum.

Describing how it was to be wandering around the building, Dee said: "The basement was dark, very dark and you could see all the original structures holding the building together and that was very, very weird it was cold down there, and you would get breezes as if someone had just walked past you.

"The upper floors weren't so bad as there was light coming through the dome in the centre of the asylum, that felt as if the patients was in a jail.

"I did notice when I was there a few moaning noises and women talking but I kind of ignored it and didn't want to get scared as I was alone and the place was so big.

"I heard a moan, and captured it on camera too, that place is most definitely haunted."

You can follow Dee on YouTube to watch the entire video and find more clips on his channel.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/_louisdee/CONTENTbible

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