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Woman Calls Cops On 'Burglar', Turns Out To Be Husband Hiding Playing Video Games

Woman Calls Cops On 'Burglar', Turns Out To Be Husband Hiding Playing Video Games

The man secretly came home from work to play video games but didn't expect his wife to return home early

We all know how annoying it is having to be an adult when you really just want to ignore your responsibilities and go back to being a kid. Sadly, it's an unavoidable part of life, as this one man found out when he secretly hid at home to play video games instead of going to work.

The LAD, named only as Ding, left for work at the same time as his wife, Li, but he crept back home later so he could play games on his phone. Clearly this fella doesn't know you can just skive in the work toilets... only joking, boss, I'd never do that.

However, what poor Ding didn't reckon with was his missus also heading back to their home in Hangzhou, in East China's Zhejiang province, after she realised she had left something behind. Hearing his wife return home, the man hid inside a closet to try and escape detection.

Ding wasn't very good at keeping quiet, though, and Li heard him. Assuming it was an intruder she had interrupted, she panicked and called the cops. She told the long arm of the law she had come home and found a would-be thief on her property.

Officers from the nearby Jiubao Police Station arrived wearing bodycams and opened up the door to the find man cowering inside. Bloody hell, mate.

Asia Wire

The police tell the man to get out of the cupboard and are about to handcuff him when he meekly reveals: "I live here. Please, don't."

Realising it's her hubby, the woman calls out: "Wait! This is a misunderstanding!" I'll say, pal, this is like something from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

She then adds: "He's my husband." To which the confused cop replies: "Your husband was hiding in the closet?"

The man later confesses to his wife that he had lied to her and that he had skipped work to play games at home all day. He explained that he only kept it from her because he knew she wouldn't approve. Well, yeah.

Asia Wire

According to local media, the police didn't press any charges but are reported to have spent several minutes trying to convince the woman to forgive her husband. I doubt it worked.

Featured Image Credit: Asia Wire

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