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Real Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Reveals Most Money Made In A Day

Real Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Reveals Most Money Made In A Day

The IRL Jordan Belfort was responding to a fan's question on TikTok where he revealed that the earning was planned out 'meticulously'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

The IRL Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort has revealed his biggest single day's earnings. You can see him telling a fan how much it was here:

Jordan Belfort took to TikTok and responded to some fans' burning questions, one being 'what was the most money you made in one day?'

Replying from what looks like a boat (or super yacht), Jordan, 59, said: "Most money ever made in one day? 22 million dollars made it in 10 seconds, but it was planned out meticulously beforehand."

He went on to add: "Sun Tzu, remember that... every battle's won before it's ever fought. Remember."

Responding to him, one person wrote: "Man made more money in 10 seconds than my whole bloodline will make in the next 10 years."

Another compared their life to his, commenting: "That's crazy. I got 44 thousand dollars in debt with a 10 second college application."


Belfort - who provided the inspiration for Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the 2014 movie The Wolf of Wall Street - is a former stockbroker who spent 22 months in jail for securities fraud related to his brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont.

He was also ordered to pay out $110m to his former clients.

In another video, Belfort responded to someone who asked what the most money he ever spent at a party was.

Jordan told the his followers: "Most I ever spent at a party? $2 million in one night. It was my bachelor party, it was insane 1991 - at the Mirage.

"Plus millions more to pay because we wrecked the place, we literally destroyed the place and people are still missing to this day from that party."


Replying to the admission, someone said: "He sounded a little too happy about the missing people."

Another added: "Just dropped the missing people and moved on like it was nothing."

Someone who was less than impressed commented: "Respectfully, spending a ton of money at night on a party isn't impressive. This isn't a flex. Any rich person can thoughtlessly spend money."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/wolfofwallstreet

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