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Petition To 'Stop Interviewing Will And Jada Smith' Now Has More Than 12,000 Signatures

Petition To 'Stop Interviewing Will And Jada Smith' Now Has More Than 12,000 Signatures

We've all heard too much about the Hollywood couple's sex lives recently

Tom Sanders

Tom Sanders

Enough is enough. The people have spoken - and they say that they're sick to death of hearing about the sex lives of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

The couple have been airing their dirty laundry in public with reckless abandon for some time now, discussing the minutiae of their sex lives in excruciating detail in what feels like a series of endless interviews ostensibly meant to promote the release of Will Smith's new memoir, Will.

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Amongst the 'shocking' revelations we've been subjected to between Will's press junket and Jada's 'Red Table Talks' include the fact that they have an open marriage; that Will once 'fell in love' with a co-star and got so much action after being cheated on that he became a 'ghetto hyena' and started vomiting after sex.

They've fallen out of love. They've fallen back in love. They've broken up and got back together on more than one occasion and now even their kids are getting in on the act too, with daughter Willow Smith sitting down to discuss threesomes, polyamourous relationships and steaming her vagina during a series of intimate conversations with her mother that absolutely nobody asked for.

And now a recent petition on asking reporters to stop interviewing Will and Jada has become a runaway success, garnering more than 12,000 signatures and counting since it was launched earlier this week.

The petition, created by Dexter Morales.
The petition, created by Dexter Morales.

"Everything I learn about this couple is against my will. Free us," one person wrote. Another added: "My social media experience is being made toxic by their disgusting stories."

"I'm sick and tired of hearing the BS that goes on in their personal lives. It's exhausting. I've muted their names everywhere, AND STILL SEE THIS!! I'm sick of their weirdness. Make it STOP!!!" another pleaded.

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Along with the release of his memoir, Will has been in full publicity mode recently, chatting about his new docuseries coming out, The Best Shape Of My Life, as well as his latest role in the film King Richard, in which he plays the legendary Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams.

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